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Tuesday, November 1,2011

Bringing your New Dog Home

By Steve Ginsberg, cdt/APDT  


Before I get into the semantics, there is one subject that can never be forgotten (never). “Love is not the answer” to any problems with your new or old pet. You always have to establish that you are the “alpha and the caregiver”, the boss, the leader of the pack, etc. In the beginning he will show all the love because you are taking care of him, and you are as I said previously is the “caregiver”. Feeding, sheltering and giving him a new roof over his head. But you have to set standards that he “always has to live by”. Because within a few months, you will be consistently surprised by his new demeanor. He will start acting differently, as if “he is the boss”. And if you don’t start this procedure in the very beginning, you will have the biting, chewing, urinating and whatever negative that you hear about happening to you.

Never allow him to walk out or in your home in front of you. Prior to giving him a meal, put him into sit/ stay. Never allow him to pull you on the leash, and he should always be walking by your side, never in back of you or running from side to side. And above all, he should not be allowed to sleep in “your bed”. After a meal, you might want to give him a piece of meat or vegetable which is very healthy but NOT from the table.

Now I’m sure that you are thinking that I’m like a “dictator”, and yes at the beginning of his entry into your abode, you have to set the rules that “you are the one that is at “the top of the totem pole”. You are the alpha, and all this will set the standards for him to respect you. After all this is accomplished, you can let him sleep in your bed (once in a while). Keep his bed by your bedside, and also it may be essential to purchase a crate in the beginning.

The crate is an “instinct of the dogs security” that is centuries old. If you are having a problem with any of the above training procedures, then it is time to call…The Dog Trainer.

Nutrition will be our next subject, with many surprises that will shock most of you.


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