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Tuesday, March 6,2012

Happy Motoring

By Teresa Aquila  


I am always in the market for new companies that offer great prices with good quality parts and car clubs that are more than just a club. What both of these have in common is the Internet. Recently I was in search of a front Hub on a Ford Pickup. Buying locally is something I prefer to do, but in this case my customer was on a fixed budget and the price here was a lot more than she could afford. So I grabbed my mouse and began surfing the net. After checking out a few sites, I found "" on the East Coast. After spending several minutes reading about this company and what they offer I was impressed. They not only sell Auto Parts, but they have live support, "How To Videos" and great pricing with Free Shipping. I was a little reluctant on the quality, but after receiving the hub and installing it, I knew I would be returning to order more parts in the future. Which I have. So check them out.


As for "Car Clubs", I have belonged to a few in the past but never one on the Internet. My husband and I were discussing his Monte Carlo Car Club one morning during Breakfast, "The First Generation Monte Carlo Club",, He was explaining how one member who lives in The Netherlands was in an auto accident with his love, a 71 Monte Carlo. The owner faired better than his car did. After the dust settled, the insurance company totaled the car. If you have ever been the owner of a car that not only brought you memories, but you were so excited just to own one, in a moment it was gone. After the member expressed his sadness, members began to offer up parts to him for free just to help him revive that beauty. Unfortunately there weren´t enough parts to get it up and running again, the only obstacle was how to get it all shipped to his home in the Netherlands without costing him an arm and a leg. They have not figured that one out yet, but they are working on it. It is nice to see that no matter what country you live in, when it comes to the same passions, so many are willing to offer anything could help to ease the pain. If you love Monte Carlos, or just older cars in general, this site is one worth checking out. It offers more than just a forum.


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