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Tuesday, June 5,2012

Making Opportunities

By Mort Crim  
A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds
Francis Bacon

The young woman had finished college but there were no jobs available in her field. So, she improvised. It occurred to her that while her specialty was oversupplied, there weren’t enough good, professional housekeepers to satisfy the market. So, she passed out flyers in a nearby affluent neighborhood and soon had her own business under way. It’s not what she plans to do permanently, but she says it beats welfare or unemployment checks. And she feels that she’s providing a needed service.

Some aspiring artists in Los Angeles took a similar tack when they were unable to get their paintings shown in the established galleries. Pooling their money, they rented a motel room for sixty-one dollars a night and began showing their works under the heading “One-Night Stand.” The investment paid off. Now potential buyers as well as gallery owners are stopping by, checking out their work.

Innovation sometimes breaks through barriers when nothing else can. When the thing you want to do doesn’t seem possible, then do something else. The important thing is to do something.

If opportunity is a door, then ingenuity is the key that unlocks it.


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