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Wednesday, November 6,2013

How Dog Smart Are You?

By Kelly  

Are you a responsible dog owner? How much do you know about nutrition for your pup? Try Tufts University and The Good Dog

Library quiz and see how you score. The answers will boost your canine know-how and may just improve your dog’s life.

The Questions:

1) How many teeth do dogs have?

2) What’s a dog's average temperature?

3) Does a hot, dry nose indicate illness?

4) How often do unsprayed dogs go into heat?

5) Is eating grass normal or a sign of illness?

6) How many times a day should you feed a dog?

7) What’s the most common dietary problem among dogs?

8) True or false: dogs are color blind?

9) Based on an eleven year life span, the average cost of owning a dog is:
A) $13,350
B) $5,350
C) $2,500

10) Dogs originate from:
A) Wolves
B) Jackals
C) Coyotes and wolves

11) What’s the most popular dog breed in the United States?
A) Labrador Retriever
B) Poodle
C) Pit Bull

12) What breed doesn’t bark?

A) Papillion
B) Shar-Pei
C) Basenji

The Answers:

1) Dogs have 28 baby teeth and 42 permanent teeth. They lose their needle sharp baby teeth at four months.

2) The average canine temperature is 100-102 degrees Fahrenheit, much higher than humans 98.6.

3) No: This is a myth. “Certainly, a dehydrated pet will often have dry nose as well as dry mouth, sunken eyes and look “sick” according to Michael Stone, a veterinary internist at Tufts University school of Veterinary Medicine. “However, many

normal dogs have dry noses.” It’s common for older dogs to develop callus-like thickening on their noses. And, many dogs with wet noses can be seriously ill, so don’t be misled. If your dog’s nose is dry, but he or she is still eating and behaving normally, don’t be alarmed. If your dog has a wet nose but lacks appetite, appears listless or shows other signs of illness, take the animal to your veterinarian.

4) Most females go into heat twice yearly. Some dogs cycle only

annually. (Pre-Menopause) LOL Just kidding, I had to throw that in.

5) Dogs commonly eat grass, but it’s not known whether they do so to make themselves vomit or whether the grass makes them vomit. Dogs seem to like the consistency of grass, but you should discourage them from eating it. Grass itself may be harmless but could be coated with harmful chemicals, pesticides or parasite eggs. My dog Friday loves grass, I believe because he loves to eat greens. I try and add spinach or green-beans to his diet regularly.

6) After approximately one year of age, feeding once daily is adequate for most dogs, says Dr. Stone. Some, especially smaller breeds, eat twice per day. If you notice in the a.m. your dog isn’t interested in eating, it’s okay, he just isn’t hungry. Keep an eye on the treats, this can contribute to him not wanting to eat.

7) Obesity is the most common dietary problem, especially in affluent areas.

8) False: Dogs can see color but not in as vivid a color scheme as we do. Their vision compares to ours at twilight.

How do scientists know? One way is to shine beams of colored lights into dog’s eyes and analyze the spectrumthe pattern of light reflected back. They compare results with the pattern produced when they shine the same lights into human eyes.

9) A: $13.350. The Avery County Humane Society in Newland, North Carolina, estimated the cost including: food, veterinary preventative care, training, spaying or neutering, l i c e n s i n g f e e s a n d miscellaneous expenses. Now, if you’re like me with more than one animal in the household….I have four dogs and two cats. You read correct, I have six animals. I don’t know how it happened, I woke up one morning and I had Jake and Oreo (the cats) Lexi, Friday, Ruka and Riley. (the dogs) They are all rescues but they are all expensive. They don’t lack for treats and toys in my house. I’m sure it’s A LOT more. But, they’re worth it.

10) A: Wolves. A university of California Los Angeles study, analyzing wolf, coyote and jackal DNA, found that dogs evolved from wolves and have no ancestry among jackals or coyotes.

11) A: Labrador Retriever. The gentle, easygoing breed tops the list of American Kennel Club registrations, followed by Goldens, German Shepherd, Dachshunds and Beagles. (I believe Pit Bulls must be up there, too).

12) C: Basenji . A poised, elegant hunting dog from Africa. However, I know a certain Basenji named Derby who has been known to bark when strangers approach her.

How You Rate Take a free pass on # 5 and award yourself one point for whatever answer you gave. No one knows why dogs eat grass. Give yourself one point for every correct answer on the other questions. Add them up and see how you fared. If you scored a nearly impossible perfect 12, congratulations! You’re a world class dog owner.

8-11: You’re the Best of The show.

4-8: Still a champ. This was a tough quiz.

4 or below: Woof! At least you were concerned enough about your dog’s welfare to take the test.

Many thanks to the Good Dog Library and Tufts University.


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Fun article! Most people do not know most of that info...In response to the "grass-eating" topic, I believe that they do need a bit of roughage or greens.  I have yet to try tripe, but according to biologists(as you are likely aware), carnivores do consume the intestines (and the grasses within) of their prey. I do add alfalfa to my pups' raw meals, and they don't bother with the lawn when I do so regularly!



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