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Tuesday, March 4,2014

Q: What was the inspiration behind Raw Food?

By Brigitte Lang  

A: Brigitte’s RAW, vegan adventure began March 24, 2013. She recalls it vividly because that night changed her life and perhaps saved it. Brigitte’s existence was a mess; her loving mother passed and shortly afterward her 12 year relationship was in shambles. Fifty pounds overweight, accompanied with an immense amount of stress, and alone, she contemplated, “Is this the life I want to be living?” The answer was an unsurprising “no.” She took action, joined Meetup, a social network of like-minded individuals and RSVP’d to watch the movie “Vegucated,” a 2011 American documentary that explores the challenges of converting to a vegan diet. She shared, “I couldn’t hold back the tears as I saw the horrors of how that burger ended up on my plate.” The next day she eliminated all animal products and not only became a Vegan, but a Rawist. Rawfoodists or Rawists thrive on live food energy and consume a diet of mostly un-cooked whole plant foods, usually at least 75%, though others do 100%. Some contemporary famous raw foodists include raw chef Juliano, actress Demi Moore, and raw food book author, David Wolfe.


Brigitte participated in many Raw, Vegan Potlucks in West Palm and Ft. Lauderdale and brought tantalizing dishes that initially took her an entire day or longer to make. People instantaneously surrounded her to find out how she got it to taste so delectable with exotic flavors. Her recipes constitute a unique flavorful combination of wholesome healthy ingredients from raw nuts and seeds to fruits and vegetables combined with a masterful merger of herbs and spices. Her most popular RAW creations are: Carrot Cake enticed with a hint of Orange Zest topped with a Creamy Cashew Vanilla Frosting, Moist Decadent Brownies topped with Creamy Fudgy Frosting and Onion Bread Crackers, superbly savory with a flavorful taste. Several of Brigitte’s specialties are created in the dehydrator where it somewhat simulates a baked or cooked texture and is still considered raw because the temperature stays below 115 degrees (dehydrating simply takes out the moisture).

Potlucks are the perfect place to learn through experience and bring your favorite raw food dish or dessert, and meet other enthusiastic people. Brigitte now hosts her own potlucks and invites you to join and RSVP to her next event where information is shared and then dinner enjoyed with some of the kindest, gracious, socially-conscious people in South Florida. The Potlucks are monthly on a Sunday at 4:30 PM in Delray Beach. You can find her on at “The South Florida Raw Food Meetup” in Delray Beach. Some examples of raw potluck dishes are, starting with the simplest of salads, chopped organic fruits, and sliced vegetables. Then more elaborate recipes, some "mock" raw dishes such as live "pizza," "lasagna," "granola," "raw crackers," "chocolate cake," etc.

Brigitte lost 50 pounds, discovered a new vitality and found joy in sharing the benefits and pleasures of eating this way. When her rawist networks suggested she go public with her raw delights she agreed and acknowledged the excitement for her food was enormously notable. Shortly after, Brigitte’s Raw Food & Organic Delights became a reality and is on the market for the public to enjoy! Her line of raw foods is a real treat for the dedicated rawist, but Brigitte’s food is to support people who want to transition from a SAD (Standard American Diet) to a healthier eating lifestyle without feeling they need to give up their favorite tastes and textures.

Brigitte’s Raw Food & Organic Delight’s utilizes real food, is gluten-free, vegan, raw and delicious. They fulfill wholesale orders to local establishments in Palm Beach and Broward including Juice & Java Café in Boca, Healthy Bites and Bee Organics with many more locations on the list as they increase their production facilities due to the demand.

For more information call Brigitte’s Raw Food & Organic Delights at (561) 394-7466 where you can reach Brigitte at the Happy Herald Newspaper headquarters founded in 1995.


Join Brigitte at her monthly Raw, Vegan, Organic Potluck. Details on

Meetup Name: The South Florida Raw Food Meetup (Delray Beach) Link: Raw-Food-Meetup/


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