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Tuesday, May 6,2014

Acting on Your New Passionate Belief in Something That Doesn’t Exist….Yet!

By Wayne Dyer  

As your beliefs go, so goes your behavior. When you’re able to see yourself as a Divine creation who emanated from a Source of pure unconditional love, with a total absence of shame or self-repudiation, your body has no choice but to enjoy the trip. Whatever you decide to eat, if your thoughts are: It’s my intention that this food be converted to energy will make my body feel vigorous and strong, your body which will begin to respond in kind. Once you remove the old beliefs that fostered feeling anxious, guilty, worried, and even fearful, your brain begins producing chemicals that return you to a balance of feeling good and creating a healthy body.

Yes, I’m saying that by reprogramming your thinking to align with your desire to be and feel healthy, you can and will alter the unhealthy behaviors that produced ill health and being out of balance. This is a function of law. Here’s how William James, the father of modern psychology, put it:

There is a law in psychology that if you form a picture in your mind of what you would like to be, and you keep and you hold that picture there long enough, you soon become exactly as you have been thinking.

Such is the awesome power of our thoughts. But I’m also saying some thing that goes beyond this idea of your body acting automatically in response to your reprogrammed thinking. As you begin to balance stereotypical expectations for your body that are out of harmony with your desire to be healthy and feel great, you’ll notice another automatic reaction: Your behaviors will begin to spontaneously seek to balance with your expressed desires.

It may happen gradually, but there it is- you see yourself not living in fear or overly focused on your appearance. This wonderful awareness of self-acceptance combines with a strong desire to treat your body with respect. Your eating habits shift without making a conscious decision to change anything. You stop counting calories and simply enjoy what you’re eating, knowing that you can trust the inherent spiritual wisdom that’s programmed into your DNA, your connection to the Source that created the baby you once were.

You’ve found a better way to balance and enjoy your life by trusting your thoughts to attract the health you desire. You’re able to relax and enjoy this journey. By consciously having Spirit weigh in through the energy of your thoughts, you’ve tipped the balance in favor of your desires. Your ego, which identifies with your body, has been relegated to a less dominant role. Spirit has no excess fat, indigestion, hunger pangs, or overeating habits, and this is where you’re now choosing to make your stand.

You’re choosing thoughts that are in harmony with your originating Spirit, and in so doing there’s no room for being unhealthy. Because you’re more at peace in your thoughts, believing that whatever you do can be converted to a healthy reaction, you take on the same automatic new response in your approach to exercise and physical wellbeing. Your newly balanced internalpicturing procedure affirms William James’s assertion.

I am a Divinely healthy and fit human being. Think it! Say it! Believe it! Even if you’ve harbored a previous image of being overweight and out of shape, say it anyway. You’re starting the process of passionately believing in something that still doesn’t exist. By affirming it and making it your inner reality, you’ll activate a new automatic response that resonates with your stated desire. The next thing you know you’ll be going for a walk. Then perhaps you’ll participate in something that has definitely not been part of the balance in your life up till now — maybe a jog, a yoga class, or a health club membership. This will all happen without trying, because you must act upon your beliefs.

The imbalance between your desire for a healthy body that feels great and persistently unhealthy habits is remedied by simply determination to learn the art of passionately believing in something that doesn’t yet exist, and refusing to allow that picture to be distorted by you or anyone else. Truly, you are not what you eat or how much you exercise, but rather what you believe about the you that you’re presently birthing in your thoughts.

Keep reminding yourself: I get what I think about, whether I want it or not.


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