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Tuesday, August 5,2014

Is Raw Food Right for My Pet?

By Pet Expert  

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I hear a lot about the benefits of feeding a raw diet to my pets. What does the raw food have that my pet is not getting from processed food?

The simple answer is Raw Diets are the best and most appropriate ancestral diet for our pets. The Paw Depot specializes in Raw, Freeze Dried and Grain-free pet diets. It’s important when selecting a raw diet that you make sure it’s coming from a reputable company, is grain-free and made in the USA with quality ingredients. Another important consideration for Raw is that the meats go through a process called High Pressure Pasteurization (HPP). This ensures that all the harmful bacteria is removed so it is safe for you to handle and for your pets to eat. 

What makes Raw better? To answer this question we have to look not only at what raw food does have, but also what processed food does not have. There are three distinct advantages that raw food offers: enzymes, amino acids and intracellular moisture. We will cover the importance of enzymes in this article. Enzymes Enzymes function by acting as a catalyst for chemical reactions in the body, making them function in the best possible manner. Different cells require different enzymes in order to function.

Enzymes such as those found within the digestive enzymes aid in the breakdown of food and absorption of nutrients from food. There are three classes of enzymes: metabolic, digestive and those found in raw foods. The pancreas produces many metabolic enzymes which perform a wide variety of functions including the destruction and removal of toxins within the body.Metabolic enzymes also aid in the production of energy and are connected to every working organ within the human body and also aid in the repair of damaged and decaying tissues. Metabolic enzymes help the body in the absorption of oxygen, assisting in the body’s ability to deliver it to the needed organs and cells. The most important thing to remember about enzymes is that if your pet does not eat enough raw foods, the digestive enzymes will not receive the boost they need, and will then draw from the metabolic enzymes. This creates a problem for your pet, because the metabolic enzymes are produced in the pancreas and your pet has a certain amount of these available throughout its life. Once these begin to deplete, the aging process is sped up and the door is opened to a variety of different illnesses. Food enzymes are denatured at temperatures of 118 degrees Fahrenheit. Kibble is extruded between 200-600 degrees, which makes enzymes one of the things that raw does have and processed food does not.

What are other Pet Food Options if I can’t afford Raw?

Raw diets are typically more expensive than canned pet food or kibble. They also require freezer space to store until ready to serve. So although raw diets are best it may not be for everyone. Lucky for you there are many high quality can or kibble pet food options that are Healthy, Affordable and Grain-free. If you would like to discuss the best diet options for your pet come visit the Paw Depot and speak to our pet experts. Diet and Nutritional advice is always free and they will help you select an affordable pet formula that is healthy and delicious for our furry friends! Paw Depot also offers full service grooming services, Free Pet Supply Delivery and Free pick up & drop off service for grooming.


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