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Tuesday, January 6,2015

Eclipses of Sunlight, Eclipses of Moonlight, & Eclipses of Your Light

By Cary Bayer  
The other night there was a lunar eclipse in the nighttime sky. On other days we have witnessed solar eclipses. In each case, as astronomers remind us, the light from the heavens is suddenly obscured or eclipsed for a short time. This is a cosmic metaphor for the human condition. The light in most people has been long eclipsed. Unfortunately, this eclipse has not just been for a few hours for most people but for their whole lives. One reason we’ve ignored this is that we haven’t known it to be true; another reason is that we’ve doubted its truth. William Blake, the great British Romantic poet and painter wrote unforgettably about this power of doubt:

“If the sun and moon should doubt, They’d immediately go out.”

There is a light within each of us that is our spiritual essence.

Some of us have found it in meditation or other spiritual method.

Some of us have been blessed to find it in some other life-altering experience, perhaps scuba diving deep in the ocean, perhaps conceiving a child, perhaps in a near-death experience. For those who’ve never seen that light, it’s high time to put an end to its eclipse. It’s time to take out a telescope and see into the nature of who and what you truly are.

Humanity used to think that the earth was the center of the solar system. In time, deep thinkers like Galileo and Copernicus created the revolution that would change scientific knowledge for good, proving that it wasn’t the earth, but the sun, that was the center of our heavens. What our planet needs so desperately now is a spiritual revolution that will enlighten men and women that the center of the heavens is not beyond the clouds, but right there within the depth of their own being. Such a revolution will give humanity the insight to see that we have not done our job as stewards of the Earth; that we have polluted our water and our air, and have sent far too many of the animals who share our planet into extinction. The Wall Street Journal has reported that one quarter of the wildlife that was alive just 40 years ago is now extinct. Such a revolution will give us the compassion to care for all of life.

The telescopes to discover this truth exist; but they’re not tucked away in some attic  somewhere, unused for decades. The telescope that I’m talking about is a kind of inner one that can enable you to see into the heavens within you. “Heaven lies about us in our infancy,” William Wordsworth, the Poet Laureate of England, wrote two centuries ago in his immortal poem, “Ode Intimations of Immortality from Recollections of Early Childhood.” It also lies about us in our middle years and golden ones, too. And those years can be truly golden, lit up by a golden light, when we train that inner telescope to hone into our nature. But that takes some doing, some discipline, not unlike the discipline it took for the great astronomers to understand the true nature of Reality, and change the world forever. Your world can also be changed forever if you take the time each day to look into the heavens within you for the light that has always lighted your world.

The choice, like what you do with every moment in your life, is up to you. You can go on ignoring that light like the people who George Harrison referred to in his beautiful song, “The Light That Has Lighted the World.”

“So hateful of anyone that is happy or ‘free’ They live all their lives without looking to see The light that has lighted the world.”

Or you could choose to look within and be like George himself, as he sang:

“I´m grateful to anyone that is happy or ´free´ for giving me hope while I´m looking to see The light that has lighted the world.”

Look up at the midday sun or the midnight moon. If you like the light that they emit, don’t forget that an even more brilliant light is within you. Are you ready to let the eclipse be eclipsed?


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