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Tuesday, January 6,2015

Super Duper Easy Ways to correct your posture

By Ashley Dixon  


Posture is difficult to correct instantly. Why? While your posture does involve your bones, your muscles play a major role in the way your bones are situated in your body. These muscles that create your posture are involuntary. You can’t make them contract consciously. But…… you can change your lifestyle with these tips to force your muscles to adjust to you.

#1: Brush your teeth facing away from the sink.

I know, its crazy, but when brushing your teeth facing away from the sink, the posture will up right and the urge to bend forward while doing this daily task will be eliminated.

#2: Text and Read on your back.

This prevents the typical forward neck bend and rounded shoulders during text messaging and reading that leads to neck, shoulder, and back pain.The other alternative would be to raise your phone, kindle, or book to your face for usage to avoid neck flexion.

#3: Ladies: Rearrange your purse.

Only carry necessities in your purse. Cross strap purses are the best, but if you have a hand purse or shoulder purse, alternate hands/shoulders to prevent the body from side leaning.

#4: Guys: Remove your wallet from your pockets or reduce the size.

Wallets that are too big can cause the lower back to become uneven and prolonged use can cause a more permanent posture dysfunction.

#5: Children: Lighten up the bookbag.

The weight of a child’s backpack has not been determined. However, when the child is wearing a backpack and they lean forward while wearing it, it is too heavy and should be lightened.

#6: Eat at the dinner table.

When you eat at a coffee table or with plate in hand, there is a greater tendency to extend your neck out and head towards your plate to reach for your food which contributes to forward head lean and trapezius strain.

#7: Go back to your headsets.

Hands free phone usage is a great way to decrease neck and shoulder pain and to prevent posture changes in the neck.

#8: Wear comfortable shoes.

Long term use of high heels or shoes that are uncomfortable can create lower back posture changes due to the compensation of gait.

#9: Wear your glasses.

When prescribed glasses aren’t worn, your eyes, neck, and shoulders are stressed to see what is in front of you. Wearing glasses can help remove the stress.

#10: Don’t sleep on the couch. Couch sleeping can be comfortable, but horrible for the back. There is no neck or back support on couches and prolonged laying down should be avoided.

With these super small corrections, you can help eliminate back pains and improve your posture by eliminating unfavorable habits.Your journey to a better spine awaits.


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