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Tuesday, April 7,2015

Spring is the season of life

By Kim Hough  

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New Beginnings, Growth and Rebirth

It makes sense that many of us are drawn to the idea of cleansing and purging this time of year – it’s time to lighten our load. Spring is really a time to THRIVE and it’s difficult to thrive if you feel weighted down by your inner or outer world. Spring is a time to burst forth, to spring into action, to manifest outwardly what has been simmering underneath – an ideal time to renew and cleanse our minds and bodies.


Springtime invites cleansing the liver and gallbladder, which do many helpful things for our health including: filtering toxins, aiding in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fat and protein, and processing our anger. These organs get overloaded in the winter with extra socializing, large meals, decreased exercise and not enough rest.

In regards to yoga asana, the inner legs and outer legs correlate to the meridian lines that help rejuvenate these organs. It is a great time to incorporate more poses such as Garudasana (Eagle), Pigeon, wide leg forward bends seated or standing, wide leg childs pose and Baddha Konasana (cobblers pose).

Twists are wonderful for helping reduce inflammation around the digestive organs and abdomen and for detoxification. When doing a seated twist it is important to let the pose evolve from the bottom up, from the inside out, as if there were a corkscrew at the base of the spine, lengthen and deepen your breath as you slowly rotate lengthening from the base of the spine through the crown of your head and visualizing your internal organs like a sponge wringing out all that does not serve your highest good and all toxins and metabolic wastes.

Incorporating Simhasa breath in Cat/Cow is very cleansing and relieves tension in the chest and face. Come to hands and knees in table top position. As you inhale through the nose, round the spine drawing the abdomen in and pressing the mid and upper back toward the sky, as you exhale, arch your back dropping the belly and tilting the tailbone and forehead upward and release the breath through your open mouth with your tongue sticking out, eyes looking upward.

A 15 minute meditation session will clear your mind and give you fresh perspective. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, stressed, and weighted down by all the mental clutter. A meditation session will be sure to help you reprioritize, de-stress, and have renewed sense of energy. Keeping your mind and spirit invigorated will help you keep up with the demands of your life and your schedule.

Spring is a time of renewal. Cast off what has perhaps held you back and be courageous as you enter into a new season. Freedom is a wonderful thing!

As the world moves towards the abundance of spring, may we cultivate the seeds of love within so they burst forth in many colors painting the lives of all in tones of understanding and kindness!

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Kim Hough is a Yoga, Meditation & Chi Gong Instructor, Massage Therapist, and Health Coach working with corporations and individuals.

Kim facilitates classes at offices, prestigious country clubs, & yoga studios and instructs privately as well. Her “Pillars of Healthy Lifestyle Maintenance” program addresses exercise, thoughts and beliefs, relationships and diet.


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