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Thursday, May 7,2015

Mother May I?

By Jonna Shutowick. M.S. Ed.  

Okay, so I should probably start by explaining that my kids never actually said, “Mother, may I...” although I tried. And I’m not talking about the game we played in the 70s where we stood in a line and one person got to choose who would be “Mother” next by allowing that person 5 steps forward to the everyone else’s 3 paces backward. The title of my column this month is just my cheesy way of using ‘Mother’ and ‘May’ together since Mother’s Day is this month (hint, hint). But my story is a mother’s tale.


A few weeks ago, my son drove home from college miserable with a 102 fever. I offered to drive up to see him, but he preferred coming home for some “fresh air, peace and quiet.” I’d like to say I felt bad for him, but if I did that paled in comparison to the major mom-high I was on. In a few days he’d be better and I’d go back to being the nag who still from afar manages to ask just enough questions to garner an eye roll. I’m pretty sure that’s why we don’t Skype. In the meantime, I had a superhero cape to don!

I headed straight to the store for cold medicine, Gatorade, ginger ale, saltines and the makings for chicken soup. And of course I picked up a few staples for him to bring back to school.... soap, toothpaste, laundry detergent. Admittedly I had to stop myself from heading to the socks and underwear aisle... he’s 20! So, after buying his favorite candy bar at the check out (for when he’s better!) I gathered my bags and headed home to wait by the window like a puppy until I saw his car pull up.

Poor baby! I put him right to bed.

And at first he really was so sick he didn’t want or need anything but rest, and I was grateful that it happened to be Good Friday and I had the day off. Putting cool cloths on his head and turning down the TV as he slept, I went about my business and caught up on household projects that I wouldn’t have even thought about had I been at the beach, as was my original plan for my day off!

One of my birds had come home to the nest and I was getting my nest on big time. I cleaned closets, cleared drawers, rearranged cabinets, made soup, made casseroles, baked bread. I felt like I was playing a version of myself in the movie of my own life. A slightly more manic and obsessed version, but I missed this! I was going to get it all in before my little bird left again.

By Sunday he was feeling better, but he decided to stay until Monday and drive the three hours back to school then. He told me he liked being home and thanked me for being “the best mom ever!” What’s that you ask? May you come home whenever you want for some TLC? Yes, my son, yes you may.


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