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Wednesday, September 2,2015

Dogs are Pawesome

By Tina Valant-Siebelts  



Every time I hear, “My dog is just like a person”, or “Dogs are human”, I cringe or roll my eyes. In many ways, canines are more evolved than homo sapiens. May I offer, for your consideration:


Life with a dog gets/keeps you healthy.

Exercise daily with them, take them for brisk walks, play fetch. Visit the park. Bonus - you get to socialize with other dogs and owners, too. Please give them your undivided (NON-device-carrying) attention during this special time. We owe them that.

Dogs bring people together. You can meet and make amazing friends through volunteering, rescue, and at dog events. I have photographed several weddings of couples who met at the dog park.

Dogs relieve stress. They are always the best listeners and secret-keepers. Can you say that about spouses, friends or your own offspring? And speaking of kids….

Dogs are far more cost-effective than children. Granted, they probably won’t live long enough to visit you in the nursing home. A medium-sized pooch can run you $1000 annually. This includes adoption fees, basic vet care, quality food, toys, bedding, etc. According to the latest" Cost of Raising A Child" * the average cost of raising a child born in 2013 is THIRTEEN times more than the dog. That little bundle of joy is going to run you over a quarter of a million dollars to get them to age 18, and they’re probably not going to leave after that. Factor in that dogs don’t talk back and they only break your heart once (at the end of their loyal life).

Dogs don’t judge or criticize. It matters not what you look like, what you wear, how much you weigh or make, or what kind of car you drive. Dogs simply love you FOR BEING YOU (especially if you rescued or adopted them). Run that by your teenager.

Dogs are fiercely loyal. They will stand beside you through thick and thin, sickness and health, bankruptcy and wealth.

Police and service dogs put themselves in harm’s way, daily risking their lives to protect those they love. Kye, Matty, Colt, Sultan and many, many others are true heroes.

Dogs enhance human lives by providing entertainment, therapy, emotional support, and K9 duties ranging from military service to drug and bomb-sniffing.

Aside from snarfing treats, dogs don’t commit crimes, gossip, or bring others down. If there’s an issue, they try to solve it amicably.

Dogs are an example of forgiveness. They may have been hurt, abused or neglected. With time, love and care, they learn that most people are kind and loving.

Dogs always have time for us, even though we obsess, whine or feel sorry for ourselves. They will make a funny face or perform a crazy antic to alter a somber mood.

Dogs teach us to live in the moment. It is all that really matters. Tomorrow’s not promised to any of us. So grab your canine pal, a leash, some bags and treat your dog to an extra-long walk today.


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My dog is beyond PAWsome. He makes me so happy! I swear he is so smart. He knows when it's the weekend, he knows when the BarkBox comes that it's for him. He knows what junk processed food is...He won't even eat dog food. Salmon alllll day long. Wild caught of course :)



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