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Monday, December 7,2015

Sports finds a way to give thanks

By Mark Tudino  


The wise person who once noted the sports pages – not the front pages – was the place to look for society’s accomplishments, probably had the events of the past few weeks in mind. Because in addition to chronicling who won and lost, sports act as the ultimate diversion. Had a tough week at work? Relax and take in your favorite college or NFL team with friends. The kids driving you nuts? Or your parents seemingly all in your business? Chill out with a tonic featuring LeBron James, or Steph Curry, and watch them weave their magic. It’s really true: sports – or whatever recreational activity you choose to undertake – are an escape. An escape from the daily grind which can crush your dreams and sour you to the point where you feel it’s pointless to care. But don’t despair; your loyal scribe is here to offer a few options which can rejuvenate even the most jaded soul.

This is by no means a comprehensive list, but it represents a few of the events which can help you forget; of course, feel free to add your own occasions.

OPENING DAY (or night): This tradition exclusively belonged to baseball, but in our ever-changing world, other sports now embrace the idea of a fresh start as the season begins. Football and basketball, both college and professional, now celebrate the start of their seasons with color and pageantry. So do hockey, motor sports and even soccer, where internationally the grand hope of winning a championship is always a dream to cherish.


In the days when newspapers were the only way to get your information, writers used to refer to a trifecta of springtime sporting events, each unique to its part of the country, steeped in tradition and which signaled the end of winter as well as the promise of warmer days. You begin in April, at Augusta, for the Masters. Love golf or not, it’s a beautiful setting coupled with human drama and usually great theater. A few weeks later, you find yourself in Louisville, Kentucky, on the first Saturday in May, for running of the Kentucky Derby. Color, tradition and people in ridiculous hats plus the magnificence of 3-year olds thundering down the track make it an awesome spectacle. A few weeks later, you’re off to Indianapolis for the 500 as you watch men and women challenge the laws of physics by driving cars well over 200 MPH all the while surrounded by 250,000 spectators. It’s uniquely American, and unquestionably cool.

Thanksgiving Day:

You get to watch college or professional football all day, starting at noon, and in between you get to gorge yourself with some of the best eats known to mankind. And to top it off, you get a four-day weekend. How great is that?

So, do try and enjoy the small blessings we all receive but sometimes forget. Now, anyone have any leftovers?

Mark Tudino is an attorney with offices in both Miami- Dade and Broward counties, whose practice specializes in all areas of civil litigation. He has lived in South Florida for more than 20 years. Prior to attending law school, he was a political and sports reporter for television stations across the country. His career allowed him to cover everything from presidential elections to national ch a m p io n s h i p sports teams, and he still maintains a passion to observe and discuss the world of sports.



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