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Monday, October 9,2017

Time to Care

By Liz Sterling  

At certain times, and in the course of our lives, we will experience events that are truly disturbing. The climate today, both politically and ecologically, is hot and volatile. Spinning precisely through the cosmos, this earth, our home, has proven time and again, she is powerful beyond words. But what is she saying?

Have you been thinking about the upheaval of hurricanes and volcanoes and earthquakes and fires? Is it a coincidence? Maybe just a bad summer, you reason? We don’t yet have the answer and there is nothing I can say that your heart does not already know.

My assignment this month, being true to our title, Happy Herald, is to feature the good will and selfless service of those that are bringing to light the good that is shining in our world.

Allow me first to influence you just a bit by acquainting you with Gaia Theory through the writing of Kate Ravilious, a science journalist based in York, UK. In The Guardian (April 27, 2008), she explains, “Earth is a perfect planet for life but, according to Gaia Theory, this is no coincidence. From the moment life first appeared on Earth it has worked hard to make Earth a more comfortable place to live. Gaia Theory suggests that the Earth and its natural cycles can be thought of like a living organism. When one natural cycle starts to go out of kilter other cycles work to bring it back, continually optimizing the conditions for life on Earth.

“Named after the Greek Earth goddess, Gaia, the theory was developed in the 1960s by scientist Dr. James Lovelock. At the time, Lovelock was working for NASA, looking at methods of detecting life on Mars. The theory came about as a way of explaining why the Earth’s atmosphere contains high levels of nitrogen and oxygen.

“Initially, Gaia Theory was ignored, and then later ridiculed by scientists such as Richard Dawkins and Stephen J. Gould. However, in recent times stronger evidence for the theory has emerged and Gaia has started to gain support. The theory helps to explain some of the more unusual features of planet Earth, such as why the atmosphere isn’t mostly carbon dioxide, and why the oceans aren’t more salty.

“Gaia Theory simply maintains that Earth’s natural cycles work together to keep the Earth healthy and support life on Earth.

“Lovelock argues that humans have now pushed Gaia to her limit. In addition to filling the atmosphere with carbon dioxide, we have hacked our way through the ‘lungs’ of the planet (the rainforests) and driven many species to extinction. He thinks we are heading for a very warm world, where only polar regions are comfortable for most life forms. Eventually, he suspects, Gaia will pull things back into check, but it may be too late for the human race.”

Ponder on this… could Gaia be trying to correct our mistake?

Featured on our cover is a man from Houston who volunteered with flat bottom watercraft to rescue people and pets after Hurricane Harvey devastated the city. It is the nature of a first responder, and those in the Red Cross, to rise to the top and stretch out their arms to help others to safety. We have witnessed unprecedented times where neighbors are helping neighbors and people are pushing their limits to ensure the safety of those around them. “We have two choices,” Carl Jung said, “We can curse the darkness, or light a candle to it.” Volunteers and heart-driven people across the globe are now illuminating the darkness that has spread across the land and sea. What needs to be done? And what can you do to make our little earth happy again?

October is the month of change … nature shows her bounty throughout the autumn by radiating her plumage of brilliant colors. Yes, once again, we will see the utter beauty of our planet, our people, our lives. Be on the lookout throughout this month for ways to light the world and to care for her, because Gaia is our Garden of Eden!


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