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Tuesday, March 5,2019

Financial Prosperity in the Philanthropic Realm

By Karen Ellis-Ritter  

I consider myself to be a “grassroots” animal rights and social justice activist. I have generally struggled with staying afloat financially over most of my adult life… and as much as money would create muchneeded relief and free up critical time (that I could allocate to making the world a better place), my underlying beliefs surrounding money have created a deep divide between being the financially abundant and secure being I was meant to be, and simply scraping by day-to-day and month-to-month. Most activists that I personally know are living in a similar situation; and it almost seems to be an infectious state of being. There is a pervasive disgust towards money and the rich.


I was listening to a webinar of Sonia Ricotti and she said something that really hit me: “You don’t manifest what you want – You manifest what you believe.”

I have become acutely aware of the negative beliefs I have, regarding money and the wealthy people who have incredible amounts of it. I started to listen to my inner dialogue and suddenly understood the roots of those blocks I have created against prosperity. I heard myself play an old script on repeat, one that failed to either serve me or support me. “Rich people are greedy and materialistic. Rich people are not spiritual or giving. Rich people lack empathy and concern for those less fortunate. Rich people seek to control everything and leave the rest of us with nothing. Rich people are BAD people. If I acquire wealth, I will lose myself and my humanity.” Now, obviously, these statements do apply to certain indi viduals, but definitely not to everyone.

The super-wealthy people who fund super- PACs and own large stakes in destructive industries are the ones who constantly make headlines in the news. The real philanthropists who have the means to donate millions to charitable causes often do so anonymously. Many wealthy people are spearheading a new, eco-conscious economy and fair trade initiatives. They are establishing powerful foundations that fund causes that resonate deeply with them. These are the people I admire and want to be more like.

Imagine a world where the empaths, the philanthropists, the civil rights and social justice activists had mass quantities of wealth… what would that look like? How would that shape and influence our governments, legislation, private industries, and international affairs? It has never been more critical for this to happen. If the inherently charitable amassed an incredible amount of wealth and influence, those people could dedicate a large portion of their time and resources toward the most critical campaigns, and lift up the whole of society in incredibly positive and crucial ways.

Money is not inherently positive or negative.

Money is neutral. Money is a physical representation of cosmic energy, and it is an extension of the intent and beliefs of those who wield it. I am intent on creating a new inner dialogue about money. After all, I have a world to help heal, and I need to be available to transform it! I will leave you with one more quote that Sonia shared, and I am making it my new mantra: “Money flows easily, freely and from everywhere.”


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