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Saturday, July 4,2020

Why Does My Dog.....

By Tina Valant-Siebelts  
Loathe storms/fireworks?

Summertime, “H” season* and Fourth of July. Katie (rescued Aussie) is not happy. Dogs’ sight, sound and smelling senses are far more amplified than we can imagine. They pick up higher and lower frequencies, with the volume way up, and factor in changes in atmospheric pressure and winds blending scents. To them, thunder in the distance can seem like a jumbo jet flying overhead. Dogs sense impending threats, and do not know how to protect their people. Make sure they have a collar with ID on, and if they want to hide in a closet or under the bed, let them. We put lavender essential oil in the diffuser, and a dab on a tight shirt on Katie. That helps to calm her during storms and fireworks.

Drink from the toilet?

A great glass of wine sure tastes better from a beautiful glass. Elevated ceramic goblets offer freshly flushed, cool water to dogs that can reach the open bowl. Not only is it bad Feng Shui to leave your toilet seat up, your dog can gather germy splatter from leaning into the bowl. Raise your dog’s bowl, and offer fresh water (filtered is best), daily from a clean ceramic bowl. Toss in an ice cube for garnish.

Eat the cat’s food?

Manufacturers make cat food aroma-based, to entice picky felines. Feline food is higher in protein and has more flavor. There’s an added psychological advantage. Dogs view cats as competition, so eating their food asserts dominance.

Help clean the litter box?

Dogs love anything smelly, whether it’s a weekold dead lizard or poop left behind by another animal. Ingesting higher protein content food, a kitty’s deposit is a delectable delicacy to a dog. Keep them out of the litter box. They want to kiss us after they commit this crime, and they can get really sick from eating those “Tootsie rolls.”

Eat grass?

Sebastian, our rescued curmudgeonly Yorkie finished his lunch. He was restless and wanted outside to eat grass. Shortly after he returned his lunch. Grass fiber, along with green taste and acidity, induces vomiting. As long as the grass has not been treated with pesticide/fertilizer, I allow them to eat it. Their tummies are upset, grass is a natural antacid. When dogs eat grass regularly and do not throw up, this can be a sign they need more fiber in their diet. Lightly steam, chop, and cool broccoli, or a spoonful of canned pumpkin. Offer as a treat or in their bowl.

Tilt its head?

There is a very practical reason. Tilting upward elevates one ear to hone in on a sound, and they see things at a distance better. Puppies do this more often than dogs, because they are still figuring out how to use their senses. We affirm this behavior with positive words in pleasing tones, because it’s expressive and so darn cute, especially in pictures.

Make a nest/twirl before lying down?

This trait is especially prevalent in terriers. Long before present-day pampered pooches had cushy beds, wolves/wild dogs would scratch the ground to define their territory, assure that there are no insects/snakes, and improve comfort while they rest. They rearrange the ground piling up leaves, pine needles, and turning earth. If it’s cold out, they may use their nose to push leaves close to help keep them warm. Dogs continue this ancient ritual because it’s like hearing a pleasant lullaby before bed. It just feels good.

*hurricane (ssshhh….)


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