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Monday, April 11,2022

Refresh your Spirit with Spring Cleaning!

By David Hall  
Though April showers may come your way They bring the flowers that bloom in May So if it’s raining, have no regrets Because it isn’t raining rain, you know, it’s raining violets….
~ Sung by Al Jolson

Springtime… ahhhhh… renewal – a time of new awakenings, new starts, blossoming trees, and a time to head outdoors up North and head into fullpress spring cleaning in the South.

Before we go any further, permit me a word on world affairs….

Our hearts are heavy as I dedicate this month’s column to the brave people of the country of Ukraine. So many stories of bravery, unity and collaboration, yet so much unprovoked death and destruction – an alarming refugee crisis and global instability.

We must make PEACE a PRIOR- ITY We all need to be the light. Hold hope and possibility up with pride and power. Strive to be our best and help others along the way. Be the example. We send prayers, hope and love to our fellow brothers and sisters suffering at this time in Ukraine. We acknowledge and are grateful for the herculean efforts of refugee support in surrounding countries like Poland, Lithuania and Hungary.

MAY PEACE PREVAIL ON EARTH Thank you. Now back to spring cleaning, cleansing, clearing up those long overdue piles that slowly zap us of our creative juices – all can be addressed by implementing the S.M.A.R.T.™ System I’ve developed.

Using this S.M.A.R.T. System can assure you success, so you can soon focus on other more pressing matters. But make no mistake. Those unwanted, unsorted, unorganized papers, clothes, shoes, kitchen pots and pans… DO IMPACT HOW YOU FEEL.

Let’s get started. S stands for simply start and START SIMPLY – When taking on a new decluttering project, start small – take on just ONE DRAWER, ONE BEDROOM SHELF, ONE KITCHEN CABINET. By starting simply, you can achieve success relatively quickly and without duress.

M stands for MINDSET. A good attitude makes your task lighter. Put on some favorite music, get a favorite beverage, and be sure to wear comfy clothes with protective footwear.

A stands for ACTION. Prepare. Have black garage bags on hand for garbage and discards. White (kitchen size) bags for giveaways and donations. Color coordination keeps your piles free from confusion. You’ll need some paper towels or clean rags and a spray cleanser of your choice. Having a dust pan and broom and a vacuum on hand helps.

Say you have a nightstand as your simple project. Step 1. Dump all the contents out onto a towel or area where you don’t mind getting crumbs and small pieces of hair and such. Then clean out that drawer with spray or a wipe, or soap and water – your call.

Now your cleaned and dried drawer is ready for INTENTIONAL item placement. You will quickly see what gets trashed, donated and kept. Likely your drawer will have a lot of found space for new PURPOSEFUL items to be placed. At this stage, you may purchase drawer dividers for further organizing your space.

R stands for REPURPOSE, REUSE, RECYCLE. How many times I hear a client say, “I was looking for that all over the house,” and they rediscover their long-lost tweezers, book, cable, etc. Repurposing can be interior design with existing items. Move that vase to another table, move a chair around, open the blinds, take charge, and remember whatever doesn’t serve you, discard and donate. Making others’ lives better with items you no longer value liberates you with a boost of pride and energy, knowing you are doing good for others.

T stands for TRANSFORMATION. AFTER taking on your clutter, you’ll feel accomplished, lighter, a burden lifted. You’re now in control, free from distraction. You’re able to take on the bigger tasks, projects, and find freedom in your actions. This transformation is tangible.

Clients often report their timely results like getting a promotion, receiving a check in the mail, and having more clear communications with loved ones and business colleagues – all from putting things in their place, making the bed, and having a sense of power and control over our stuff.


David is available for consultation, public speaking, and for getting your house in order.



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