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Wednesday, May 4,2022

Your Comfort Zone and The Zone

By Cary Bayer  
Anyone who’s ever heard about the joy and wonderful success available when you’re living in The Zone desires it. Yet ironically, most people do all they can to prevent themselves from living in The Zone. The reason: to live in The Zone requires relinquishing control. In case you didn’t notice, staying in control is among the highest priorities of most people. Staying in your comfort zone keeps you comfortably unsuccessful, while letting go of control so that the Universe directs your life opens you up to unimagined possibilities.

Do you stay in Life’s slow, predictable lane, content with the status quo, attached to your comfort zone? If so, you’ll be prevented from living in The Zone, where the Universe blesses you with grace, happiness, success, and greater income. Most people prefer their comfort zone because it feels safe, familiar, unthreatening – and in control. There’s that word again. The irony about this commitment to being in control, however, is that the most important things in life – including staying alive itself – are outside of your control. Sure, you can take your own life if you choose, but you can’t add a minute to your life when the Angel of Death comes knocking at your door. The things that keep you alive, like breathing and the beating of your heart, are done for you by a higher Intelligence. Right now, you might be sitting comfortably on your couch reading this, safe and secure in your cocoon, but you’re also on a spaceship revolving around the Sun. If it weren’t for the powerful force of gravity, you’d be hurled into outer space – couch, computer, and all. The truth that people committed to their comfort zone don’t think about is that they’re not in control of even being alive. If they thought about this, they’d go into a very uncomfortable zone.

The Zone

The Zone is an expression used to describe a state of consciousness where newfound skills match the perceived performance requirements perfectly. Being in The Zone offers increased focus, a focus that comes effortlessly through grace. Athletes and artists are sometimes familiar with being in The Zone.

“To the degree we’re not living our dreams, our comfort zone has more control of us than we have over ourselves,” wrote Peter McWilliams, author of many books about personal growth. Which zone do you want to live in: the seductive comfort zone where you’re coasting, or the liberating Zone where your actions carry a gift of grace beyond what you could accomplish on your own?

It’s been estimated that, as a typical person living in your comfort zone, you have about 2-3,000 thoughts per day, whereas the person living in The Zone has an estimated 1,000-1,200 thoughts per day. In other words, they’re living more in silence and peace than in thought. When you’re in your comfort zone you’re centered more in your ego, versus the person in The Zone who is living more in their higher Self. When you live from your comfort zone as an average person you do the safe, predictable thing, while the person in The Zone does the inspired thing, often unpredictably, even to themselves. The reason, of course, is that it’s the Universe that’s doing most of the doing.

The person you become in the process of going for living in The Zone is much greater than who you are in your comfort zone. Living in your comfort zone means living from your control-obsessed ego, while living in The Zone means that you live out of your Spirit, willing to let go of control, flexibly allowing life to unfold as it does. My favorite quote on the subject has a blend of wit and wisdom about it: “You want to make God laugh... talk about your plans.”

Salespeople in the comfort zone stop when a prospective buyer says no. A salesperson in The Zone is stretched beyond their normal experience of themselves and frequently inspires buyers to buy. Entrepreneurs living in their comfort zone usually quit after a few efforts fail. Those living in The Zone don’t know the word quit, because they’ve become instruments of a bigger Intelligence that, like the ocean’s waves that are also controlled by a higher Intelligence, never quits either.

So the choice of zones is yours.


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