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Tuesday, June 7,2022

Worlds First Vegan Superheroes Novel

By Susan Hargreaves Author-Activist-Educator of  
Exclusive to the Happy Herald, a sneak peek at the first chapter in the upcoming book “Veganza Animal Heroes Series – Liberation” by Susan Hargreaves. Pre-order now at

“Veganza Animal Heroes Series – Liberation”

Chapter 1


The sounds of the Everglades waking up emanated through the top canopy of the mangrove leaves, as a sleek black crow flew through the blooming, steamy morning mist. His wings flapped through the middle of the mangroves and he swooped down swiftly to land on an outstretched banyan tree branch. “Caww Caww!”

A hanging clump of Spanish moss was flicked to the side as a bright blue eye peered out from a small hole in the root-covered tree trunk. “Jules, good morning, I was just about to pour my morning tea and enjoy a bit of ginger spice cake. Join me.” The crow ducked his head through the tree trunk’s opening, and the rest of the face and figure belonging to the eye came into full view.

A fine strong clear face it was, with wide-set eyes and a resolute chin. She turned towards a sea grape leaf-covered table. Her long waves of strawberry blonde hair rippled down her back as she walked across the interior cocoon of her banyan tree home. A network of woody roots and branches interconnected to create sturdy walls. At the base of one of the walls slept an ancient, small poodle-type dog named Lovey. She lifted her head up to gaze steadily at Jules the crow as he landed. Normally, a companion canine would have had no place in this forest setting. However, Lovey had been abandoned off US Highway 27 near where the Florida Everglades begin. Veganza felt she had to offer the petrified dog a “furever” home filled with love. Her haven felt more like a home with the addition of Lovey’s calm presence and undemanding company.

Veganza, the superhero animal defender, had left her Irish native land to explore the world, and decided she quite liked the warmth of the Florida sun and the feel of the moist air on her skin. She had fond memories of her earlier life nestled in the emerald green Wicklow Mountains and her unique family. Veganza’s blue-hued transparent wings had carried her across the waves, her magnificent green velvet cape bil lowing behind her. She held tight to her gift from her grandparents: a magic, ivy-covered Irish blackthorn branch. The hooked cane stopped danger by freezing scenes when needed, only when Veganza wields it. When Veganza uses her magical powers, the perpetrators feel exactly what their victims feel. This realization of another’s suffering causes an increased sense of empathy. Veganza, unlike her fellow animal superhero defenders, often relies on a network of determined, kind humans for assistance. The humans she chooses will go above and beyond to save another being from suffering.

Veganza sat in her chair formed out of a mix of roots, wild orchids and moss. She poured fragrant hibiscus tea from her glass teapot into a translucent crystal cup. She poured water into a stone bowl on the table for Jules. A similar crystal bowl sparkled with spring water. The moist ginger spice cake was the perfect accompaniment for tea.

“What’s the morning news?” asked Veganza, as Jules the crow pointed his closed-umbrellashaped beak upwards as the liquid of cool hibiscus tea travelled down his throat.

“Human animals appointed by the Florida Governor at the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission want to make money by selling hunting permits to kill black bear families. A mass group of hunters invading our homes with intent to kill starts this Saturday,” squawked Jules. “This gives us very little time to stop the massacre,” Veganza said as she turned and waved her palm over the tree trunk’s interior wall. A screen appeared. A redshouldered hawk on the Animal Voices News Service was saying, “This is a red alert! All bears must stock up on food and water. Humans will be using false calls and food lures. Ignore them. Keep your cubs with you at all times. Every family needs to stay hidden for two complete days. Animal Voices News Service will keep you posted to let you know when it’s safe to leave your hiding places. Our flying hawk eyewitness reported that a human news conference will be broadcast on the human news today from Tallahassee at the Florida State Capitol building.” Veganza waved the screen to darkness.

“We have no time to waste.

This could be a full bear family massacre.” Veganza swiftly placed her long green mossy cloak over her shoulders which hung on a nearby bougainvillea wall hook. Lovey jumped into Veganza’s arms, her head leaned into Veganza’s shoulder. “This is one mission I know I can help with.”

“Veganza to the rescue!” said Veganza as she raised her fist upwards in the universal salute of justice. The leaf-dappled roof opened to reveal a Florida technicolor blue sky as Veganza’s wings powerfully arched upwards, swiftly lifting her and Lovey directly up and out of her banyan tree home.


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