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Monday, January 9,2023

Kicking off a Successful New Year

By David Hall  
By now you’ve vacuumed up the confetti, found a few clothing items under the bed and behind the couch, or polished off that last bit of bubbly! HAPPY NEW YEAR 2023!!

We start out the new year with renewed optimism. Setting Goals. Making Resolutions. Activating exercise plans. We promise to spend more time with the kids, travel more, write that book, or take on a new relationship. All good stuff, right?

Well, when we ACCOMPLISH some of our WISH LIST items, it’s good stuff. When we falter, procrastinate or otherwise get DISTRACTED, our New Year’s resolutions become meaningless.

So… as an exercise (not the gym type, but the mindset type) consider these ideas:

1. Take tinier bites… Rather than setting up for failure to say, write your book… try writing a page a day, or a chapter a month. Bite-sizing is right sizing!!

2. Consider self-awareness and self-love… to GET THINGS DONE and JUGGLE all our priorities, we often deplete our energy. We become trapped in the rat race and leave little time for self-love, vital energy renewal, and lose sight of the fact that we must take care of ourselves first and foremost. Health IS Wealth, so take good care.

3. Be kind to yourself and vibrate loving kindness to all. Smile… it’s contagious! Open a door for others… let the driver in a hurry merge in front of you… and do it without expecting anything in return. Acting kind to ourselves and others is a habit… practice this habit for lasting rewards.

4. Clear the Clutter (ah HAH!) That’s right. With the assumption that you RECEIVED GIFTS over the holiday season… how do you handle the clutter?

New shoes, purses, clothing, kitchen appliances, luggage, tools and everything else. May I suggest the BOTO method I devised…with a slight variance. BOTO stands for Buy One, Toss One. If you have new gifts to enjoy, consider purging and donating an outdated gift. Got a new belt? (whoo hoo!) then toss out (donate) the old one. Same with shoes, clothing, electronics and bathroom towels…GET RID of the OLD stuff that no longer SERVES YOU.

5. Consider others. All others… all of us – plants, animals and minerals – are in this game of life together. When we do well, we all do well; when we suffer, we all suffer… so be an example of selflessness. Send more thank you notes. Call your grandparents more regularly. Have dinner with friends and family and put the phones down for a moment. Remember eye contact??!! How often do we see each other sitting in a café – four at a table – and we all are on our phones???

6. Turn off the news and social media. Both are designed to endlessly distract us. While you’re driving, while you’re getting dressed, while you’re meeting others. We have become addicted to electronic light… those impulses that create content… all the gaming programs, the Candy Crushes, and so on… distract us and waste a whole lot of our time. Not to mention neurological damage! Sure, there’s entertainment value…but at what cost??

As we embark on our New Year’s resolutions… keep in mind that WE ALREADY ARE MIRACULOUS… we already have TMS (too much stuff), and we likely can survive and thrive without purchasing yet another pair of shoes!!

THINK GLOBALLY…ACT LOCALLY. And May Peace Prevail On Earth.

Clear the Clutter…Clear the Mind™


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