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Friday, May 5,2023

Remembering Tina

By Brigitte Lang  

By Happy Herald Team

Tina K. Valant-Siebelts, the writer of our Dog World with Tina column, passed away on March 28, 2023, and we at Happy Herald are reeling from this loss. Tina wrote for Happy Herald since our inception in 1995, and was an essential and valued member of our crew, so we want to share some of our fond memories of Tina.

Tina was an award-winning photographer for weddings, events, people, and our favorite, PETS! She was passionate about animals, literally saved thousands of animals’ lives, and loved to raise butterflies and set them free. She also started an annual Wild Woman Weekend and created so many adventures for so many people.

Steve Fier, Vice President of Happy Herald shares, “Every so often Tina would pop into the Happy Herald office, and her presence would just brighten my day! She was always smiling, friendly, upbeat and just full of energy. Tina would always ask about my family and ask, ‘How old are your kids now?’ Tina shot my favorite photo of my wife and me at a Happy Herald anniversary party many years ago, and I still have it framed and on our shelf. Her monthly column about animals in Happy Herald was one of our most popular! I will truly miss her!”

Laura Sue Wilansky, copy editor for Happy Herald shares, “I met Tina through discussing and editing her articles for Happy Herald and have a strong impression of her character. Tina cared passionately about animals (I’m sure anyone who knew her knew that) and she cared so much that she devoted a lot of her time volunteering to do rescues, fostering animals, finding appropriate pet parents, driving distances and spending a lot of her own money to do all of those things, as well as sharing her knowledge by writing articles for us. She wrote about everything from the importance of wills (what happens to your pet if you die or suddenly can no longer take care of them?), to how to select the right ageappropriate pet for you and your family, and didn’t hold back when writing about things she felt were wrong – for example, lambasting people who impulsively adopted pets that weren’t a good fit, just to give them up after only a short time.

“I particularly remember the series she wrote when she found a poor little legless crab lost somewhere in a big, big world, immediately adopted it, took it home, named it HERbert, and made it an international social media star by sharing about her care for the little crab, and the lessons she learned from it. Here’s an article telling the story, which also includes links to some of Tina’s TikToks featuring HERbert:” David Hall, writer of our From Clutter to Clarity column shares, “Tina and I met through her fundraising efforts and worked together on the Faulk Center Butterfly Release in Boca Raton. She was always affable, smiling and in good cheer, and I enjoyed working and playing with her. She was a great photographer, a fine contributor to Happy Herald about animals, and always there for me with a sweet smile and a humorous slant on things. I’ll miss her....”

Please join us in sending love to her husband and her family as they move through this sacred time of remembering. We are so grateful to have had the privilege of knowing her and having her part of our lives for so many years. May her spirit be at peace and may she be surrounded by love always. Fly with the angels and butterflies, you have earned your wings. Thank you for always being you and sharing your joy with ald loves so many people. Happy Her-you!

Our dear friend Tina VaLant was a huge supporter of the Faulk Center For Counseling in Boca Raton and being the butterfly lover she was, she was instrumental in creating the Butterfly Release event that the Faulk Center does annually. To support the mental health services they offer, this year you can purchase a ticket for a butterfly to be released in honor of Tina whether you are able to attend live or not. Thank you for your support to this wonderful organization and in the memory of our dear friend Tina. Here is the link if you feel inspired to participate:


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