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Wednesday, December 6,2023

How to Stay Connected with Your Partner During the Holidays

By Michelle Hays  
Are you so stressed during this time of year that you find yourself inadvertently neglecting your partner? Remember, you are a team! Here are five tips that can help you stay connected during this magical time of year!

Reset Your Expectations.

In our minds, we tend to create this picture-perfect scene of the holidays, and sadly, our expectations rarely match that reality. Why? Because despite our efforts, we just can’t do everything, and things simply don’t always go as planned. Don’t get lost in expecting to have “the best holiday” ever. Have realistic expectations.

Say No. Yes, the holidays are about connection, celebrating, giving and receiving.

But do you tend to overextend yourself during this time of year? Do you put pressure on yourself to make everything perfect? Say no to back-to-back holiday parties. Say no to making every gift look like it belongs in a Macy’s window display. Say no to last-minute power shopping, and shop locally instead.

Say no to decorating your entire home! Another tough one, but I can assure you that you will be delighted when it comes time to put everything away.

Tune in for Holiday TV Specials. When was the last time you watched your favorite holiday TV special or movie you loved as a kid? Why not watch it together with your spouse? Or watch one that you have never seen before! No matter what holiday you celebrate, you can still enjoy Hanukkah or Christmas specials and movies. They are designed to uplift your spirit! My favorite is “The Year Without a Santa Claus.” Have you ever seen it? Heat Miser and Snow Miser sing and dance, praising the elements of rain and snow. It’s pretty entertaining, and you may find yourself singing along! Go ahead, cuddle on the couch together, and remember the feeling of being a kid!

Slow Down. Holiday stress reduces our ability to be patient, loving and merry.

In the whirlwind of getting things done, we may neglect ourselves and our partners. Scheduling (yes, you read that correctly) downtime will have you both feeling calmer and connected. Let’s rebel against this hectic holiday lifestyle, for goodness’ sake!

Count Your Blessings.

You have captured a fantastic chronological story about the last year of your life. Where? On your cell phone! Go ahead, take some time, and slowly scroll through your treasure trove of pictures and videos from this past year. Allow yourself the pleasure of being reminded of all the people, places, and experiences that were a blessing in your life this year.

May your holiday celebrations be filled with much love, the most precious gift of all!


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