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Tuesday, February 6,2024

The Power of Love

By Michelle Hays  
Love. Love. Love. Did you know that love is considered to be the most precious gift in the world? Why? Because love has the power to deepen our connections, heal our emotional wounds, and make life worth living!

My husband Brian and I have been passengers on the rollercoaster of love for 14 years. And what a ride it’s been! We’ve laughed and cried. We’ve made tons of mistakes. We’ve fought and forgiven each other countless times. We’ve navigated the intricacies of a stepfamily. We traveled to amazing places. We’ve had hospital visits and bruised egos. We have experienced losses and deaths. We have made love and made a living. We experienced loneliness and disconnection. We have embraced all the changes along the way (some easier than others.) All in the name of LOVE! I have no doubt that you have experienced the crazy twists and turns, and everything in between in your relationship as well!

Love is a powerful force, and it can be the source of our greatest joy, and bring the deepest meaning to our lives. Love has the power to transform our lives in ways that we never thought possible. Love can heal you. Love can boost your confidence. Love can even improve your health! Love can even provide us with a greater sense of well-being! Did you know that love is the highest form of energy on this planet?

Do you consciously choose love? Remember, you have the power to accept, forgive, learn, grow, and open your heart! I can assure you that you cannot just sit there and expect love to grow and deepen without any effort, patience and the willingness to learn how to be a better partner.

So celebrate Valentine’s Day! It’s the perfect opportunity to rekindle your relationship. Make time to talk and listen. Show affection. Shake up your routine! Enjoy breakfast in bed. Dust off your wedding album. Surprise your spouse with a love letter! Be appreciative. Express your love by regularly saying things like: I love you, you make me happy, I am grateful for you, I am so fortunate to have you in my life, or I adore you. Be a little creative! Go stargazing with the Night Sky app or make chocolate fondue! Get a couples massage! You know your partner better than anyone, so whatever you choose to do, be thoughtful. Thoughtfulness goes a long way. Wink.

Love is so powerful. So give it freely and unconditionally and watch the quality, meaning, happiness and love in your life expand!

May your Valentine’s Day be one to remember.


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