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Tuesday, February 6,2024

February, Love Yourself Month

By David Hall  
Time To Love Yourself… More

It’s that time of year when the roses come out, heart-shaped chocolate boxes abound, and, well, we express our love for our loved ones. Funny how holidays have one day designated to say LOVE, or THANKSGIVING, when really, each and every day we have the choice to be of LOVE and GRATITUDE.


We live in a home or apartment surrounded by our “stuff.” For some, no big deal. We have ample “stuff” stored away in appropriate rooms, closets, wall units and drawers. We have enough places to keep things safely stored and available when needed. Wonderful easy living.

For some, retail therapy is the thing. This includes purchasing on impulse, activated by SALES, FREE w/purchase, BOGOs, or 50% off. We buy to support our need for nourishment. We buy because it feels good. It’s an adrenalin rush. It’s an addiction. It fills us with want, desire, consumption, and short-term satisfaction.

After a buying spree, we soon see the pantry begins to overflow, the closet floor becomes a dump zone, paper goods vie for space in the garage with the surplus water bottles, soft drinks, and paper supplies. Too much stuff (TMS) is the result.

If it’s not retail therapy, many of us just simply buy for immediate needs, but don’t put things properly away, or have TMS (too much stuff) to begin with. Here’s where BEING DELIBERATE, where choices and letting go comes in…

Self-love is about LETTING GO.

Letting go of past concerns, past issues, past problems. Letting go of our PHYSICAL PROPERTY allows for us to LET GO of our emotional baggage at the same time.

SELF-LOVE by LETTING GO We generally OVERDO THINGS… overshop, overeat, overcompensate.

Self-love allows enough to be enough. Being grateful for everything.

Being able to say, I have plenty. I am blessed. I am full.

Self-Love allows for service to others, and clearing clutter does just that.

Consider the way you feel when you help someone out. With letting go of your “stuff,” whether it’s clothing, paper items, kitchen appliances or just old luggage, you release your bond and thus release your reliance on “stuff” to take care of your needs. YOU end up feeling more free, less distracted, focused!!

When you let go of things that no longer serve you, you begin to find freedom. Your donated things become part of the human chain of events that allows for those without to afford slightly used items through donation. By letting go, you help others out with your stuff.… Sure, there’s a tax deduction incentive, but the real value is in choosing what works and what doesn’t.

Self-Love relates to accepting who you are.

It’s not about the latest curling iron, makeup products, perfumes… all these things are “DESIGNED” to make you feel better about yourself, but really are just topical treatments for “faking” the real “glow” of inward beauty.

Self-Love allows for your own nurturing – massage, day of beauty, a long walk on the beach, sharing kind thoughts with yourself enriches you as well.

So this month, INDULGE IN YOUR SELF. By loving yourself, you’ll radiate that love outward and find attraction, acceptance, partnership and love.

Happy LOVE Month Consider the A touch of love.

When you have that overwhelming feeling of TMS (too much stuff), you may want outside counsel. That’s where we come in. Our first consultation is FREE of charge and gives you a no obligation JUMP-START on what it will take to clear the clutter. We are on Google Biz Pages, web, and social media. 561-706-7779. Call me. Let’s talk.

Let’s love, and let’s get your house in order… NOW!!!

Clear the Clutter… Clear the Mind™


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