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Wednesday, May 8,2024

Hail to the Motherly

By Michelle Hays  

Did you know that being motherly is one of our world’s most unique and essential qualities today? Where would we all be without the motherly? Yes, I realize that some of you might ask, “Why is she writing about the motherly rather than mothers in this glorious month of May?” Well, you are in luck; I will answer that question! According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the word mother is defined as a noun, an adjective, or a verb. Many definitions clarify the word mother, including some, let’s say, “colorful” definitions of mother. Look it up. You’ll be surprised at how well-defined the word mother can be.


I chose the word “motherly” because being motherly is a testament to selflessness, a quality that is so much more significant than being a mother. A mother is defined as a woman in relation to her child or children or a female parent. However, being motherly is so much more than that. The word motherly encompasses all the qualities of anyone who makes us feel loved, comforted, safe and secure. A motherly person usually goes above and beyond to ensure our world is a better place. As a mother of two, I am well aware of the sacrifices and lengths we, the motherly, will go through to make sure our children are safe and feel loved. I am also acutely aware that despite our best efforts, our children cannot be protected from the hurts and disappointments of their own life’s journey. As mothers, most of us will do almost anything and everything for our fascinating little miracles.

I remember being a first-time young mother. I was filled with joy and wonder at everything my daughter Rachel did. I can’t help but get a little choked up and teary-eyed when I think back on that time of my life. Remember that feeling of being a new mom? Sure, there were times when we all felt overwhelmed, frustrated and at times questioned whether we were being very motherly. But you know what? We all did the best we could with what we knew back then, and hopefully we learned from our inevitable mistakes. I miss those precious days. Don’t you? If you are a young mom reading this now, consider that someday you will miss this precious time of your life. Many of us don’t realize that the time we spend with our children when they are growing up is the most time we will ever spend with our children in our lifetimes. I wish someone had told me that when I was a young mother. I would have certainly reveled in motherhood more intentionally. Hold them and tell them you love them more often, because time will fly. We empty nesters know the feeling of missing what once was. It was the time when we were all filled with the most wonders and joys of being motherly.

Now, I know when we think of the motherly, humans initially come to mind, but as I highlight the motherly in our world, I cannot ignore our animal kingdom. Have you ever seen how fiercely a mother bear will protect her young? Have you ever been scrolling on social media and come across a reel of a very unlikely animal tending to or protecting the young of a different species? We intently watch as their motherly instinct sets in, and they accept the orphan as their own. I have always been fascinated by how motherly some animals can be. In the animal kingdom, no one spends as much time being motherly to their young as humans do. However, in the wild, orangutans are extraordinary moms, spending the most time with their children (six-seven years.) Female orangutans even visit their mothers well into their teens!

Elephants are also remarkable mothers. They have the most extended gestation period of any mammal in the world (22 months), and live in a matriarchal society! Mother elephants help each other, and take motherhood to a whole new level! Did you know that female alligators keep their hatchlings safe by holding them inside their mouths? How motherly is that? Mothers are truly remarkable!

The astounding yet complex combination of patience, compassion, sense of humor, intuition, forgiveness, support, acceptance, strength, and unconditional love is the epitome of motherly qualities. However, we must all consider that being a mom is sometimes a “learn as you go” experience, and that there isn’t and never will be a perfect mother. (Not yours, mine, or anyone else’s.) As mothers (and children), we’ve cried tears of joy and sadness, but have been so blessed and loved through it all. Let’s celebrate our mothers, and all our world’s motherly people and animals with grateful hearts. They all make our world a better place! Happy Mother’s Day!

Michelle Hays |

Michelle Hays is a heart-centered Marriage Coach and is the Monarch for Love Podcast Host with decades of experience in marriage and relationships. She has led hundreds of couples in their efforts to deepen their connection and increase fulfillment in their marriages. Michelle firmly believes that love is a decision and that positive thinking in marriage empowers couples to create the marriage and relationships they want and deserve. Michelle also enjoys her community on Instagram @monarchforlove. Please feel free to email her at with any questions or comments.


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