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Tuesday, January 3,2012

Ask Gabe

By Family Feature  

Ask Gabe

Q: Is it a good time to sell my home?

-Nej, Home Buyer, Philadelphia, PA

A: The best time to sell a home is when YOU have a reason. We have become a society that moves on the decision of others and not our own. The best answer is to take control of your life and do the best thing that makes the best sense for YOU.

Trends like fashion, music, or holidays dictate our action and we find ourselves humming songs we never liked or shopping during the holidays on command until we drop. We buy cars, computers, televisions and appliances because ours are made to be obsolete. We buy phones because we think we can’t live without them. We buy a home because interest rates were never this low.

The real question is, can you live without your home? Would your life improve if you sold your house today rather next year? This is a question where there is only one answer that counts and it’s yours.

Buying or selling a house should never be manipulated by banks or governments. You will never lose on owning a home if you bought it for a purpose. In the recent years many of us are led to believe that home owners lost at least 30-50% of their values. If you are gullible you will believe it.

Just ask yourself if you were renting for five years and decided to buy, how much of the money you paid on rent would be credited to you? Show me how you get back one penny of those years of renting. Millions are doing just that and I don’t hear them whimper. Paying just $1000 per month over 5 years is likely to cost $60,000. That is more money than the average person pays for a house.

The people who walked away from their homes on a large scale did so because it became a national trend. Those who kept their homes did it for reasons that have nothing to do with trends. They stayed because no matter what someone told them what their house was worth, to them it was worth more and they decided to keep it.

I like when people are not swayed by popularity, think for themselves and take accountability for their actions. If we just accept life throws us a curve now and then, the best solution is to be prepared for it.

No one will help you keep your head above the water but you. There are few absolutes in life and virtually any action you take can have an effect that may be positive or negative, depending upon the circumstances. An act that is perfectly appropriate in one setting might be totally inappropriate at a different time and place. Whether you have good or bad luck depends far more upon your reaction to circumstances than to the circumstances themselves.

A positive mental attitude is the attitude most appropriate under the circumstances. It is a can-do attitude that manifests itself in positive action which almost always generates positive results. When you take action in a spirit of positive achievement, your luck will be good even if the results are not what you expected or initially desired. Positive action always eventually creates positive results.

To my readers a word of thanks and best wishes for the Holidays! Enjoy and celebrate! May the New Year be a positive beginning to all of you where life is a glorious experiment, and where the harder you work at it, the luckier you get! 


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