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Monday, August 6,2012

Buying Real Estate Using Your IRA

By Rocco Quaglia, CPC  

Did you know that you may purchase Real Estate using funds from your IRA? Yes that’s right! Investors have been able to invest in alternatives to traditional bank and stock investments since IRAs were first launched in 1975. To fully maximize your investment options, you need to have a retirement plan that allows you to select your own investments, not just those plans that your bank and stock brokerage firm make easy profits from. This type of plan is called a Self-Directed IRA and is easily opened by certain firms that specialize in Alternative IRA Investment plans. These types of accounts are simple to open, extremely low cost, easy to rollover funds from your existing traditional retirement accounts, and come with a team of highly knowledgeable administrators to help you with your investments.

Once you set up your plan you may Purchase Investment Real Estate and begin to reap the profits like others are right now in this Buyers Market. You can purchase Condos, Single Family Homes, Duplexes, Triplexes, Multi- Family Homes, Apartment Houses, Commercial Strip Centers, Shopping Centers, Warehouses, Office Buildings, Land and More. You get to make the decision on what investment is right for you. You get to research the properties, check on the income potentials, and imagine what your properties will be worth in the future as your investment returns continue to grow. Why settle for less than 1% returns on CDs when Real Estate Investment Returns Have Great Potential in this Buyer’s Market.

Don’t think you have enough in your plan? You can use seller financing, bank financing using a non-recourse loan, or you can purchase the real estate with other investors in a trust or other form. This is where the IRA Plan Administrator comes in. They will be your closest friends as they help you invest and oversee your portfolio.

You might be thinking about collecting rents and doing repairs. Well just as any other IRA plan You Cannot Directly Manage Your Investments. You may choose the property to purchase, sign all of the papers at closing, but the day to day management of the property must be done by a third party such as a Real Estate Management Company. The management company will collect the rents, oversee any repairs and send payments and invoices to the IRA Plan Administrator who will handle the accounting. You get to sit back and watch your investments grow as you receive your monthly state ments showing your Cash Flow and Real Estate Investment Appreciation. As with any investments there are risks, but in today’s real estate market properties are ripe and ready to make profits. Please call me today to see if a Self-Directed IRA Purchasing Investment Real Estate is right for you. I will be inviting qualified investors to meet an IRA Plan Administrator to Discuss Investing in more detail.

by Rocco Quaglia, CPC (561) 235-8212 Happy Herald Realtor -


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