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Monday, August 5,2013

Adding Healthy Nutrition to Inspire Well-Being

By Dana Gore  
When we think about wanting to look and feel our best, our minds often define this as “I have to give up the good stuff”.

Of course, that so-called good stuff might consist of things you’d see on shows like Cupcake Wars (not that I’ve ever watched it), and I can relate to the feeling of dread that accompanies the fear of having to give up the things you like in exchange for – oh, I don’t know – tofu and sprouts or something.

So, this month, we’re going to focus on adding nutrient dense foods into your life as a means to leave less room for the other crap you may be feeling hesitant to completely ditch from your life.


Juicing vegetables is a great way to get a major boost of nutrients available immediately after consumption. Juicing not only packs a powerful nutritional punch, but it also allows you to experience a lot more variety. Herbs and spices in their whole form in addition to things like ginger and garlic can also be added to your juices for additional health benefits. Juicers can range in price – so stick to a realistic budget and upgrade if necessary at the right time. For more detailed info on juicing benefits, visit http:// However…just keep in mind that fruits and veggies in their whole form also contain huge nutritional benefits, so don’t skip the salads in exchange for the juice.


Smoothies are great. They allow you to experience the feeling of drinking a milkshake, yet can be loaded with high quality ingredients (depending on what you use in them). It’s important to realize though that smoothies can actually be very high in sugar if you aren’t careful, so in order for this treat to be healthy, it’s important to choose your ingredients wisely.

To make a creamy, high nutrient dense, lower sugar smoothie - add some greens (spinach or kale), berries, frozen banana and organic Greek yogurt. For some added nutritional “bulk”, add one of the following:
• Organic nut butter (peanut, cashew, almond, etc)
• Coconut manna
• Avocado
• Protein powders can be an excellent addition as well – but I would recommend one that’s non-GM (genetically modified). There are vegan protein powders as well.

By adding optimal nutrition in, there will automatically be less space to include the junk food. It’s a delicious way to move toward well-being!


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