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Friday, October 4,2013

Simple But Powerful

By Brian Tracy  


The average adult reads less than one book a year. Many salespeople do not read at all in the field of selling. In fact, a whopping 90 percent of sales books are bought by customers who are not in the sales profession. But whenever I talk with top salespeople about the importance of reading, I am always amazed to learn how many books they have read and are reading at the present time. They sound like sales libraries, rattling off titles, authors, and concepts from their libraries of sales books.


When you begin to read one book per week, fifty books a year, you will separate yourself completely from the ranks of average salespeople. You will put yourself onto the fast track and begin making more sales than you ever dreamed. Try it and prove it for yourself.

It is said that “reading is to the mind as exercise is to the body.” The more you read, the sharper and more alert you become. When you read more in selling, you learn more new ideas to sell more of your products more effectively. The more you read, the faster you move to the top of your field.

“If you are not continually learning and upgrading your skills, somewhere, someone else is, and when you meet that person, you will lose.”

-Reed Buckley


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