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Wednesday, November 6,2013

Decisions – Default or Deliberate?

By Dana Gore  
I’m just gonna be blunt.


It’s become obvious to me that many of us make our choices by default – whether we’re discussing our careers, bodies, relationships, etc. And the fact that we’re approaching the holiday season will serve as an opportunity to prove this theory to each and every one of us.

So the topic for the month is… Decisions – default or deliberate? When we make choices by default, we aren’t being mindful. Instead, we are going along with whatever perceived options we feel we have at the moment. A scenario that may help illustrate a default decision may look something like this… You’re invited to a holiday party where there will be a TON of food. You think “I really want to release some weight, but it’s a party and I’ll have no choice but to partake. I’ll have to make up for it somehow by punishing myself the next day”.

So you blend with the environment and create inner-resistance by judging your choices because the situation itself seems bigger than you. You ‘cave’, and feel lousy. And then you ‘make up for it’ by overdoing it with diet and exercise – always feeling defeated, and never in control over your life.

However, a deliberate choice may look something like this… You’re invited to a holiday party where there will be a TON of food. You think “Wow, I know I’m gonna want to partake in some goodies. Here’s how I’ll go about it. I’ll get my workout in, keep my blood sugar stable, stay hydrated – and remem-ber that food is food. It isn’t good or bad, it just IS. I care about how I feel, and this will give me an opportunity to express just how much I respect myself by making this declaration of deliberate selfempowerment right here, right now”.

See the difference? It’s basic mindfulness. Being present. And caring about how we feel – about ourselves.

Because when we care about ourselves, we become the conductor. Do you know what an orchestra sounds like without a conductor?

Yep – that’s right. Noise. So the PSA for this month is… You have the opportunity, right in front of you to be your own best friend in regard to your choices this holiday season.

I’ve heard this fabulous woman pose the question: “What would someone who loves themselves do?” Something to ponder over, right?

Happy Thanksgiving!


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