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Wednesday, November 5,2014

A New Look

By Roger Zona  


I recently bought my first home and I want to give it a fresh look. I can’t afford major improvements like a new kitchen but I am a willing worker. What do you recommend?


The first and least expensive way to get a “new house” look is paint. It is especially cost effective because you can paint one room at a time without the burden of monthly nice white or complimentary payments. color. This can be painted by Labor is the most costly element of painting but if you are instead of a ladder.

roller and working off the floor doing it yourself, the cost is Once you have decided on a minimized. color, it is best to cut in the Start your project in a room ceiling-to-wall line by brush that is the least used – such as and then use a roller for the your spare bedroom. Move all wall. Assuming you will paint the furniture to the middle of the baseboard and trim to the room and cover it with a match, you won’t need to cut in plastic sheet. Next, clean all the the wall-to-trim until you are woodwork, trim, doors, flooring, etc. and wipe down the recommend using semi-gloss ready to paint the trim. Then I walls to remove any dust that enamel. has accumulated. If you have If you need to paint the doors, selected the color you prefer, get use the semi-gloss enamel.

a sample can of the paint and You’ll be amazed how fresh try it on the wall. If you are not and new the room will look. sure, try another color until you Clean up any drops or smears; can say “I like that”! remove the protective plastic Let’s go back and review one sheet and place the furniture other item. Many homes interior ceilings were sprayed with One room at a time will take back in place. a “popcorn” finish. This surface a little longer but you will not is difficult to repair and paint. bust your budget! If you are in It may be easier in the long run a hurry, you could have a “paint to use a broad putty knife to party” and invite friends and scrape the finish off. Use a face family. Just be prepared to get dust mask if you do. invited to their home for some Then paint the ceiling with a work.


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