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Monday, December 8,2014

Always Remember To Give Thanks

By Mark Tudino  
As we approach the holiday season (and pretty soon Christmas ads will begin after Labor Day, but that’s a column for another day) it’s traditional to step back and take note of the notable sporting events of the past year; but it’s also important to remember the occasions which make us, as sports fans, treasure our passions and keep us tuned in to see how our favorite team performs. So, without further ado (never quite sure what that meant but it’s also traditional to say), here are some of the sporting things all of us should be thankful for as we near the end of 2014:

C O L L E G E           F O O T B A L L

CRAZINESS: Even though some fans of college football teams (see the University of Florida) will feel like the proverbial guy standing outside the door of a great party, knowing he wasn’t invited, the college football season is still like your favorite roller coaster ride - full of twists and turns, ups and downs... a thrill ride which goes by much too quickly and leaves you longing for the next start.

MARCH MADNESS: The first cousin to college football’s zaniness is the three week passion play which truly plays out on a national stage, with particular emphasis on the first weekend, when businesses across America see productivity drop because employees are either not there - or are watching on their computers with the “Boss” button at the ready.

MASTERS WEEK: It’s on my  and should be on your – bucket list; to visit the hallowed grounds, see the manicured lawns, smell the azaleas and eat $1.50 pimento cheese sandwiches! Since most of us will not get there, television’s coverage (especially in HD) is the next best thing. And Sunday’s drama, if the tournament is competitive, is must-see TV.

BASEBALL’S OPENING DAY: Since most of us don’t experience the long, gray days of Winter, this item may not mean as much, but for those who’ve spent many a cold night dreaming about spring training, and are rewarded with the dawn of opening day, there’s nothing like the hope baseball’s inaugural day brings, where every team dreams of playing in October. Many of those dreams are dashed – but some become the Kansas City Royals.

YOUR GANG: A friend of mine once referred to the start of football as the “social season” - and he was right. For in few other endeavors in life does the gathering of friends and family, and which usually involves the watching of a sporting event, reconnect us like the watching of a sporting event does; sometimes you don’t even care about the outcome, so long as you have the chance to be with those whose company you treasure.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, and feel free to add your own item, so long as you remember to appreciate those moments and be thankful you have the opportunity to experience them. Cheers!


Mark Tudino is an attorney with offices in both Miami-Dade and Broward counties, whose practice specializes in all areas of civil litigation. He has lived in South Florida for more than 20 years. Prior to attending law school, he was a political and sports reporter for television stations across the country. His career allowed him to cover everything from presidential elections to national championship sports teams, and he still maintains a passion to observe and discuss the world of sports.


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