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Tuesday, October 6,2015

Clipping your dog´s nails

By Pet Expert  

Clipping your dog’s nails is an important part of being a pet owner. If you let them grow too long, one could get caught and be ripped out. If you cut your dog’s nails too short you can make him bleed and leave him in pain. Here are some tips on finding the middle ground and cutting your dog’s nails just right:


Have the right tools Usually the toe clipper that you use for yourself is not the optimal one to use on your dog. Just like yours have the curvature for the human fingernail, there are clippers that work well for your dog. Ones frequently used when cutting a dog’s nails are the clippers that have a scissor style. These can reach tight spots and are good in case your dog is trying to move around. The Paw Depot pet experts can help you select the right size and brand nail clippers for your dog or cat. Know the right length As mentioned earlier, when a dog’s nails are too long or too short, bad things can happen. Ideally, your dog’s nails should not touch the ground. Generally you should think about cutting the dog’s nails each week. To the cutting Now that you know what to use and when to use them, you are ready to cut the nails. To keep your dog process a little easier. You can also entice your dog Dogs have a blood vessel right in the middle of each nail called the Quick. You can see where it starts and ends if your dog has white toenails. If he has black toenails, you’re going to have to be more precautious when you cut because it is impossible to tell where the Quick stops.

Take small pieces of the nail off at a time and make sure that the dog associates the clipping with good behavior not punishment. So give treats along the way. happen to accidentally cut the quick, take some That will make him a little bit less jumpy. If you do clotisol and dab it on the end of the nail to stop the bleeding. Ban -Aid glue or quick stop powder works really well to.

Let the Experts help Regardless how careful you are some dogs get extremely scared, anxious or aggressive when they get their nails cut. In that case it’s best to leave nails and grooming services to the Paw Depot pet experts. Our groomers are excellent with difficult dogs and all dog grooming’s include nails cut, anal gland Nails and anal gland expression start at $15 but if you expression, teeth brushed, ears plucked, pads cleaned, mention this article you will receive $5 off your bath, blow dry, brush out and an optional haircut. grooming or nail cut!


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