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Tuesday, December 6,2016

People are major time wasters

By Brian Tracy  


To eliminate delays, play your own game. Work your own schedule. Don’t associate with people who have time to associate with you. People are among the biggest time wasters in the world of work. Stay away from other folks who procrastinate. They will only drag you down.

There is nothing wrong with drinking coffee, but do it on the go, or with your prospects and customers. There is nothing wrong with stopping for lunch, but eat it quickly. Don’t make an afternoon ritual out of lunch. Whenever possible, have lunch on the way to see customers or have it with customers and prospects. Forget lunching with coworkers.

This is a waste of time and keeps you away from your primary sales activities.In selling, no matter what the product, the only three activities that will pay your desired hourly rate are prospecting, presenting, and closing. Only when you are engaged in these three core activities are you actually working.


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