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Tuesday, February 4,2020

La Bamba

Sublime Mexican Cuisine at its Stellar Best

By Arnold Leir  
At La Bamba in Delray, one can find a setting for every season and occasion, Attention to detail and love of art illustrated by dynamic frescoes and artifacts throughout the spacious dining rooms provide endless pleasure to patrons of all ages. As we perused the various menus, we had to catch our breath at the range of the a la carte food and beverage offerings. Even at its busiest, service is always timely and precise.

Moments after we started to reflect on our dinner options, our waitress delivered a stunning trio of crafted salsas, each with a marvelously unique flavor. She also presented us with a gigantic basket of crisp corn chips, utterly crunchy with just a hint of salt.

With such a festive beginning, we decided to add some more joy by requesting one ot the signature beverages. I was immediately struck by the beauty of a strawberry Margarita that was delivered to a nearby table. Without hesitation, I decide to follow the lead of an obviously astute patron. What arrived was a jewel of a drink that would have inspired a painting by Andy Warhol, the renowned American Pop Artist.

The fully provisioned bar provides a host of other signature drinks including premium wines and beers. Happy Hour (Wednesday to Sunday, 4-7pm) is a lively affair where you can find extraordinary value. All this plus the superlative fare are the reasons for La Bamba’s immense popularity.

The food itself is a sensational galaxy of textures, flavors and colors. Although quality is foremost, prices are more than affordable. The Guacamole appetizer, for example, is a prodigious serving that is a veritable feast for only $9. Fresh avocado enhanced with tomato, onion and cilantro arrives in a beautifully designed tortilla bowl accompanied by more of the divine chips..

We were so delighted by the flavor of the guacamole that we decided to continue in a similar vein by ordering the scrumptious Avocado Salad, a sumptuous serving of Romaine lettuce, onion, tomato and countless cuts of fresh satiny avocado.

One of the most compelling features of La Bamba is the variety and preparation of seafood. In surveying the broad range surf and turf options, I could not resist ordering the Snapper a la Broiler. The perfectly grilled filet exuded all the qualities of “just caught” and was partnered with savory black beans, rice and golden plantains.

Nothing can quite prepare you for the Supreme Fajitas which arrive sizzling in a cloud of steam harboring plump shrimp, tender beef and savory chicken surrounded by a bounty of fragrant onions and peppers. Wrap it all up in an ethereal soft taco topped with pico de gallo, guacamole, Monterey Jack plus cheddar cheese and you have a masterpiece that is without equal.

To learn more about La Bamba’s fabulous cuisine, visit

4285 W Atlantic Ave, Delray Beach, FL 33445 (Tel) 561-499-7996 Open every day 


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