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Monday, March 2,2020

Jimmy C’s Italian Deli and Market

For Inspired Gourmet Italian Cuisine

By Arnold Leir  

It seems that Boca Raton has an insatiable appetite for Italian cuisine. New tratorias, osterias, pizzerias, etc are popping up almost on a weekly basis.

The latest in this galaxy is Jimmy C’s, a delightful haven located in the upper north end of Federal Highway. What Chef Angrisani creates is unquestionably some of Boca’s finest cuisine. Don’t be misled by the terms “deli” and “market.” His dishes are peerless French restaurants take great pride in their onion soup, but when you savor the Chef’s Italian version, you will realize that Paris does not have a monopoly on the onion. With each spoonful we relished savory onions immersed in a soothing broth so delectable, so enticing, unlike anything we have experienced in the past.

The Chef perpetuates a culinary tradition many aspiring Italian chefs have never experienced. He has created the most exquisite mozzarella (we were treated to an illustrative sample). He has first hand knowledge of Italian olives delivered in barrels, proscuitto sliced off the bone (not the slicer) and provolone cut from five foot high cheeses. Because he has known the best, he prefers to serves only the best.

Without a doubt, the restaurant and the Chef are all about style.. You are treated like family the moment you arrive. His wife, Rita, manages the front end and his son, Frank, functions as the sous chef as well as a manager. The sparkling interior exudes a serene charm and atmosphere from the sleek ambiance of the dining area to the contemporary design of the furniture.

Service is always exceptional.

The menu is filled with delectable innovations. The Chef’s treatment of eggplant, for example, is so ingenious as to leave us temporarily speechless. Eggplant recipes are hardly ever altered even in the most adventurous establishments, but the Chef is clever enough to move a few turns away from the traditional, just enough to transform the universally popular veggie into something spectacular. He grills each slice to achieve the perfect seedless texture (he uses Sicilian eggplant not the traditional purple ), then partners them with cuts of roasted red peppers, touches of superb balsamic and crunchy Italian bread. The combination of flavors and textures are truly without equal.

The inspired menu also features a number of signature salads. We opted for the Greek version with its captivating assortment of fresh veggies crowned with a mantle of the finest feta cheese. Before parting from the table (or counter) be sure to inquire abut the desserts (many made on the premises).The mini cannoli paired with petit cream puffs are pure enchantment.

Several displays contain many of the Chef’s signature dishes and a variety of home baked goods that are perfect for a fabulous home feast. Takeout, delivery and catering are available upon request. For more information go to

3571 N Federal Hwy, Boca Raton, FL 33431 (Tel) 561-405-6164 Open Monday - Saturda


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