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Tuesday, June 7,2022

Got a Minute?

By Jonna Shutowick. M.S. Ed.  
Each month I am faced with the challenge of deciding what to share. If you’ve picked up this happy little newspaper and flipped through its pages, and something about my title caught your eye, then I have a responsibility not to waste your time. Of course, you are truly the one in charge of deciding whether to continue reading or to keep browsing… but should you decide to invest the two to three minutes to read my musings, I want you to feel that it was time well spent.

Time is a most precious commodity. Other than air and water, perhaps the most precious. We all know there is no stopping it. As much fun as a pause button would be, no such magic exists. The closest thing I’ve found is meditation. Sitting still for as little as one minute, doing nothing but breathing (seriously, no thinking either, just breathing, and perhaps counting the seconds to stop that manic brain in your head from thinking – about anything!) shows us how truly long 60 seconds is.

Got an extra minute? Try it now. Close your eyes, take a deep breath in, and breathe it out slowly. Repeat this slowly while counting to 60, or even to 10 six times, or just counting up on the way in and down on the way out for about a minute. Just give it a minute. Seriously, stop reading and do this now (I’m going to lose some of you…. But that is the point. If you stick around long enough to finish this quick activity and the remaining 90 seconds of reading, it may pay dividends). Ok, so if you’re still reading, please pause for 60 seconds. I’ll do it too. Ready? Go……………

Isn’t a minute a long time?!

We constantly ask ourselves, “Where does the time go?” Yet, we spend our time so recklessly! Time. The thing we crave so much of and are always running out of. Sounds a little psychotic. Just sayin’.

This reframe by itself is powerful. Awareness helps hold us accountable for recognizing how we choose to spend the time we do have. I have also started scheduling time to focus on whatever it is I am sure I don’t have time for. I just schedule it like a doctor’s appointment. The time IS there, it’s just a matter of organizing priorities. I set a reminder on my calendar and every day its PING forces me to look in the mirror. Will I consciously waste this time that I set aside for myself, and allow myself to let yet another thing take priority over what I really want to be doing? If I do, at least I have to do it consciously. Better yet, if I listen to the higher self who put it on the calendar to begin with, then my dreams really will (eventually) come true!

What is it you dream of doing that you never have time for? Do you not have the time, or do you not make the time? Go ahead, carve out a little time on the calendar this week and see what happens. Full disclosure: to make that plan takes about a minute.


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