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Wednesday, July 6,2022

Veganza Heroes Span the Sea

By Susan Hargreaves Author-Activist-Educator of  
Dear Happy Herald reader, I have been writing this column for many years now, and as I write this, I realize how excited I am about the prospect of helping all species of animals in a larger way. The Veganza Superheroes are spanning the sea for a global tour. Veganza, the red-hairedflying hero, whose superpower is to freeze a scene of cruelty and make the perpetrator feel what the animal feels, creates empathy. Courage is the vegan mermaid who defends all of hersea friends. Freedom marshals the power of the sky, the wind and all of the flying creatures. Together this trifecta of heroes protects and liberatesall animals from harm.

I had a lightbulb moment: why not a trio of vegan animal superheroes whose sole purpose is to rescue animals? Phoenix is the young teen in a foster group home who becomes an ally and a hero herself – she is named after the bird who rises from the ashes.

Freedom featured in the Veganza Animal Heroes book Courage defends all the sea creatures

The first stop is a return to England where I was born. In London on July 3, the global book launchwill be celebrated by everyone being able to download the“Veganza Animal Heroes Series – Liberation”e-novel for free on Amazon.

I will be appearing with the heroes at the Just-V show in London at the Just V Chat Theatre.

They have 45,000 tickets reserved so far for the three-dayevent at ExCeL London, a100-acre venue. Professional vegan body builder Korin Sutton is the person behind the character of Freedom, and Mitali Deypurkaystha is Courage the mermaid. I wonder if you can guess who will play Veganza?

After London, it’s off to Ireland to the Dublin SPCA. They welcome and rescue all species of animals in their Wicklow Mountains sanctuary. The DSPCA summer campers will meet the heroes in person, hear their stories and enjoy a vegan lunch. Then it’s off to the Happy Pear Café to film the renowned vegan twins Dave and Steve Flynn reading their segment of the novel.

On August 6 the heroes will fly (and swim) to the Mindful Eating Film Festival in San Francisco, an event to benefit Rancho Compasiónfounded by the incredible Miyoko Schinner of Miyoko’s Artisan Vegan Cheese fame. The “Veganza” Claymation short and the “Heart Whisperer” original documentary will be screened at the film festival. Tickets are available here:

The wealth of videos and photos from the trip of the heroes in action will be featured during Animalherotober along with more in-person exciting adventures here in South Florida and beyond. If you wish to book a free Veganza Animal Heroes program,with vegan food provided by the Veganza Vanza, go to The international tour and free download are part of the”Be an Animal Hero” initiative createdby

The free download link will be available July 3 on

Veganza and Freedom celebrate Ireland becoming more green


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