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Monday, December 5,2022

Full Circle, Back to the Future

By Susan Hargreaves Author-Activist-Educator of  


Who says you can’t go back? I did in West Yorkshire on my 63rd birthday. I returned to the chicken hatchery I was taken to at nine years old. The original visit shocked me to my core, seeing all of the male chicks being killed as soon as they hatch – an everyday routine occurrence in the egg hatchery business.

This is the Happy Herald and here is the happy news… the cruelty-toanimals agriculture business there is all gone. Yes, not even a single feather is left behind. The former hatchery buildings now house local, crueltyfree businesses!

I was able to return to my past, to a place which previously caused me shock and dismay, to witness the evidence of an evolving world.

I was dressed as Veganza Animal Hero, the character from my book of the same name, and I engaged children from the school onsite with the empowering story of animal heroes.

Full circle and back to the future.

Susan Hargreaves points to the current multiple business listings sign on the grounds of the former chicken hatchery. Photo credit


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