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Tuesday, November 1,2011

Choose Happiness

By Mort Crim  
By any objective standard, life is no more dangerous now than it’s ever been. Sure, we have muggings, car wrecks, plane crashes, blizzards, hurricanes, tornadoes, diseases. But, hey, life’s always been hazardous to our health. The truth is, our life expectancy is way up from what it was at the turn of the century – almost double. Some diseases that terrified and killed our grandparents are practically unheard of today. Certainly our standard of living is higher.

So, if we aren’t happier, why aren’t we? It’s pretty obvious: Happiness isn’t produced by circumstances.

Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.

Abraham Lincoln

It’s not what’s in our environment, but rather what’s in our head. It’s the attitude inside, not the atmosphere outside, that determines happiness. I have never met a truly happy person whose happiness was contingent upon what he or she had. Instead, it always had a lot to do with how the person thought, how he or she approached life, and what he or she considered important. It always had a lot to do with how that person balanced expectations and achievement. And whether that person set his or her own standards instead of chasing those of other people.

When it comes to curing dissatisfaction, we have to be our own physicians. Only we are qualified to write the prescription that will bring us happiness and contentment.


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