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Tuesday, January 3,2012

Don’t Prejudge the Prospect

By Brian Tracy  

The lone prospect said, “Well, we have nothing going on right now. I have just been sent out here from the East to open this office. We are working on a major contract, and we have high hopes, but we don’t have anything firmed up as of yet.

“If you would like to call back in the next couple of weeks, I will be here. Please keep in touch; we may have need of your services sometime in the future.” My friend approached everything with an attitude of positive expectancy. He called back every couple of weeks, and when he was in that area, he would often drop in and have a cup of coffee. Each time he’d get the same answer. The company was still waiting to finalize a couple of large contracts. Nonetheless, he always treated the prospect well. He brought him information and gave him prices on his services. He called him on a regular basis and kept in touch with him by phone. One day he walked in and the prospect said, “I am so glad you are here! We just got a $50 million contract for design, engineering, and construction, and we’re going to have to hire seventy workers over the next sixty days. Can you help us? He was ready. He made more than $200,000 in commissions over the next sixty days hiring and placing technical staff for this company. He earned more from that one contract than he was accustomed to making for two years of hard work. Keeping a positive attitude toward prospective customers is good business.


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