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Thursday, July 5,2012

Closing On Referrals

By Brian Tracy  

One of the fastest ways to increase your income, with less time and effort, is to develop a series of ways to get referrals from both prospects and satisfied customers. A referral is worth ten to fifteen times a cold call. This means that it takes onetenth to one-fifteenth the time and energy to close a sale with a referral than it takes to start cold-calling and finding brand-new prospects.

A referral is worth ten to fifteen times a cold call.

The key issue in selling is credibility. When you get a referral, you piggyback on the credibility of the person referring you. Instead of having to build your credibility from the ground up, you walk in with the credibility of the person who recommended you.


The key to getting referrals is being referable. The major objection to giving referrals is that the customer is not convinced that you will take good care of his friend or colleague. When you treat your customers well and give them excellent quality and service, they will feel more comfortable recommending you to other people that they know. When you are polite, punctual, professional, and prepared every time, people will want to share you with others.


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