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Monday, August 6,2012

Inner-Dialogue That Sabotages Well-Being

By Dana Gore  

Have you wanted to improve your eating habits or start working out, yet simply haven’t? Is it possible that in spite of how much you want to improve your lifestyle, there are messages that continue to play in your subconscious that prevent you from moving forward with reaching nutrition and fitness goals you have set for yourself? If so, you aren’t alone. Many of us have these pesky little beliefs about ourselves that get in the way of our success, so here are a couple of examples of these inner conversations along with some thoughts on how to alter them to work in your favor.



Dialogue #1 I Can’t Eat That, It’s Bad

The truth is, food is neither good nor bad, but it is useful or not useful and every food has its appropriate time and place. If you really love pizza, then you should eat pizza, however, understand that if you are looking to drop a few pounds, you will want to strategize when it will be of most value for you to enjoy it and let that be your indulgence while keeping healthier habits as your primary way of life. When you tell yourself that the food you love is “taboo”, you only idolize it and crave it more. Instead, designate when it plays the most appropriate role in your life and use it then. That’s when YOU’RE in control, not the food.



Dialogue #2 To Lose Weight, I’ll have to Exercise ALL Day, Every Day

If you currently watch television shows about extreme weight loss, you are probably under the impression that you’ll have to spend the majority of your day working out. This is not the case. The truth is that any exercise is better than none at all. Small amounts of fitness add up, so if the notion of all or nothing is what is stopping you from exercising, then it’s time to retrain your expectations. One way to connect to fitness is to align yourself with an activity you like and expand on it. I can think of no better way to get fit than finding joy in the process. If your current ideas have you feeling stuck and restricted, you can change them. The truth is… we are really only as limited as we THINK we are.



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