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Monday, November 5,2012

Six Major Requirements for Closing

By Brian Tracy  
You must be positive, enthusiastic, and eager to close the sale. Emotions are contagious.



When it is clear that you intensely desire to make this sale, your desire will have a positive effect on the behavior of your prospect.

1. The prospect’s requirements must be clear to you. As a result of asking and listening, you should know exactly what this prospect wants and needs from your product.



2. The prospect must understand your offer and the value of your product or service to him or her. He or She must be absolutely clear about what your product does to change and improve his or her life or work.



3. The prospect must believe and trust you. There must be a high degree of rapport and friendship. In addition, the prospect must have faith in your company and believe that they will deliver on your promises.



4. The prospect must desire to enjoy the advantages and benefits of your offer. He or She must want what you are selling. There is no point in trying to close a sale if the prospect is not intensely interested in benefiting from your product or service.



5. The product must be suited to the customer, ideal for his or her needs, capacity to pay, and circumstances. It must be clear to the prospect that this product or service is the right choice for him or her at this time.

Only when you have fulfilled these five requirements can you move confidently into closing the sale. If any of them has not been achieved, the prospect will refuse to buy.



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