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Wednesday, January 2,2013

Small Business Marketing Trends to Watch in 2013

Now is the time to take a look at what your small business should focus on in 2013 to market more effectively online. Consumers will become marketers. With online product reviews, social media and viral video, consumers are more empowered than ever to share their opinions — good or bad — about the products and services they use. 2013 is being hailed in the world of branding and advertising as the year of the consumer. Big brands and small businesses alike will have to stay on their toes to make sure that the products and services they’re offering have quality. If not, online consumer backlash will have an effect on your bottom line.


Discounts will drive social sharing. Take some time before the end of the year to plan the discounts and sales promotions you’re going to offer to consumers in the first quarter of 2013. Why? In 2013, discounts are going to drive across the board. If you want consumers to share information about your small business, put the power in their hands with incentives. Many small business owners would love to advertise their company everywhere — online, in print, billboards and the like. But for most, it’s cost prohibitive. In 2013, content sharing is predicted to become the low-cost advertising alternative for small businesses. Instead of spending money to place ads on search engines and other websites, small businesses will turn to content sharing to advertise their products and services. If you go that route, remember to always tag your content with information about your business, including your website and links to your company’s social-media platforms. Mobile marketing will be a must. Did you know that 84 percent of small businesses that use mobile-marketing strategies report an increase in new business for their efforts? That means you need to invest some time and effort into creating an engaging mobile presence for your business. Start small and use tools like Groupon, Foursquare and Facebook to get people to check in when they buy something from you.

To increase new business in 2013, think local. If your business is in Boca Raton, target customers in the south-Florida area, especially if you have a traditional brickand-mortar location.

If you’re using social media, most platforms like Facebook have geo-location tools to help you zero in on the perfect potential customer. Social gamefication will become the new way to engage customers. Adding fun gaming elements like badges and points to your online marketing outreach is expected to be the new way to draw customers in 2013. Turn your website into a consumer destination. Transform your website into a place that people want to visit online. Make sure you’ve got videos, games, interesting articles, product reviews and other important information on your site. Consumers will spend more time on your site, which will increase their chances of buying what you have to sell.

Happy Herald Realty provides the best service for our real estate clients/advertisers. In a tough market we helped brand your real estate properties and initiated programs in which we helped you liquidate, trade and save; conventional real estate companies do not compare. It’s about the bottom line, so getting the best price when you sell your business can be maximized by following these business tips for 2013. Happy New Year and wishing you all great success!


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