Happy Herald - Feature Articles https://www.happyherald.com/articles.sec-8478-1-feature-articles.html <![CDATA[Animal Hero Kids Hall of Fame!]]> A 14-year-old who rescues animals from factory farms... a six-year-old who helps her mum care for a starving pony... an eight-year-old who raps to speak up for other animals not to be harmed... a 12-year-old who turned her entire family vegan by asking questions about the history of the food on her plate.]]> <![CDATA[It’s Always Been About Kindness]]> When I was in grade nine in Toronto, I asked my math teacher, “Why do we need to learn algebra?” to which he answered, “It helps you think.]]> <![CDATA[Back to School with New Animal Hero Kids Book]]> It’s that time of year parents so look forward to after the summer holidays – a time of preparation, expectation and for some… trepidation. Making schools a safe place for our children and teens is an issue that’s never far from most parents’ minds.]]> <![CDATA[Surprise! Animal Hero Kids Paul McCartney Young Veg Advocate]]> It stands to reason that Mother Nature, Animal Hero Kids storytelling character, would choose to land in a vegan restaurant in London called Karamel to nosh on nature’s bounty, and it also stands to reason her purpose for being there was to surprise a true friend of other animals.]]> <![CDATA[Vegan 60 is the New 40!]]> When you have been vegan since the mid-1980s and you’re approaching 60, quickly, it’s a very good time to think of a vegan 60 as the new 40 – can I get any agreement here?]]> <![CDATA[Animal Hero Kids, Teens Unite!]]> Animal Hero Kids, the kindness education youthempowering charity is planning an in-person uniting of active youth from around the United States! The summit event will enable kids and teens to share with each other how they are effectively helping other animals in their own community.]]> <![CDATA[Mother Nature´s Message for Spring]]> I can hear the baby birds in their nests waking and asking for food as I write this in my banyan tree home. Spring is my favorite time of the year. In Florida some may miss the difference in the air if you don’t stop and appreciate the sweet fresh smell of Spring.]]> <![CDATA[Plant Power to Save the Earth!]]> Here we are again in the month of April when good intentions from Earth Day events will resound around the globe. Animalherokids. org kindness education and vegucation programs like “Eating as if the Animals and Earth Matter” are presented for all ages and at all times of the year.]]> <![CDATA[Tech Trends to Watch in 2019]]> It wasn’t long ago that the idea of a watch that did anything more than tell time was a figment of futuristic fantasy. Now technologies once deemed high-end luxuries for only the wealthy are completely common.]]> <![CDATA[Animal Hero Kids Vegan MacnCheeze Challenge to Save the Earth!]]> Oh, the comfort of gooey, tasty, salty, soft melt in your mouth pasta. I get hungry just thinking about all the different types of vegan MacnCheeze. The possibilities are endless, there are so many good vegan cheese choices right now on the market.]]> <![CDATA[5 Ways to Avoid an Energy Crash]]> If you start each day motivated but find your energy tends to fade throughout the day, a few simple and easy-to-implement changes to your routine could make all the difference. Minor adjustments to your eating habits, exercise routine and mental attitude can help boost energy levels so you can power through the day feeling fully charged.]]> <![CDATA[All You Need is Love]]> February, the month of valentines is a fitting time to announce that nominations are now open for the Animal Hero Kids Paul McCartney Young Veg Advocate Award and other awards categories.]]> <![CDATA[Cheers to 2019! Wishing You a Very Vegan New Year]]> It really will be the most vegan year yet, ever, in the history of human evolution. I can back up this prediction with just the facts, ma’am… 1. A 600 percent increase in people choosing to be vegan in the United States has occurred in the last three years.]]> <![CDATA[A Glimmer of Hope - A Feline Caper]]> In the forty years I have been helping other animals to live free of harm, whether wildlife, companion or farmed animals, the same pervasive feeling of urgency persists. Education prevents animal cruelty and fosters empathy which is a building block for kindness, so, the AnimalHeroKids. org school programs I present become a form of long term life insurance for the animals and the planet.]]> <![CDATA[A Hero We Can All Be Grateful For!]]> Shero’s long red hair streams down her back, and is often tied with strands of Spanish moss ivy. When she was a child, before a fairy granted her special powers to help animals, Shero was teased for having red hair.]]> <![CDATA[Invest in a Vegan Future]]> Since 1980 I have been focusing on using a myriad of effective strategies to stop the harming of other animals. Most people do not wish to hurt other animals, and when they realize their consumer dollars are supporting animal cruelty, environmental destruction and a hazard to human health, they change.]]> <![CDATA[Number One Back to Sxhool Golden Rule]]> School is in session again. I am looking forward to meeting new students at Animal Hero Kids interactive school assemblies to foster empathy and critical thinking in the South Florida area.]]> <![CDATA[National vegan chain Veggie Grill supports Kindness Education]]> When you are part of an all volunteer, grassroots nonprofit, and a major vegan restaurant chain shows they believe in your mission to empower youth and help all species of animals via free education, recognition and activation programs, well, it feels like a really big deal.]]> <![CDATA[Photographers can be animal heroes too]]> Since I first discovered the scale on which other animals need help, my challenge has been to effectively change consumer choices impacting factory-farmed animals, wildlife and companion animals. All of my organizing, educating, protesting and writing for four decades focuses around this goal of reaching the mainstream public.]]> <![CDATA[Veg Fests, Then and Now]]> I went to my first veg festival in 1985 in Toronto; it was so great being around like-minded folks, all 100 of them. Yes, there was a time when I went to VegFests and knew each and every individual there. Fast forward to now, talk about Happy Herald-worthy news: Thousands and thousands of folks come out to sample vegan fare and be inspired.]]>