Happy Herald - Talking About Sex https://www.happyherald.com/articles.sec-8531-1-talking-about-sex.html <![CDATA[Your Guide to the Hottest Holiday Relationships]]> Great sex can be yours all year round, but there’s something just a little more special about holiday sex. Sure, the air is full of holly jollies, but there’s so much going on that it’s easy to get stressed out, too. Avoid the stress, bust out the erotic lingerie, because we have some tips so you can kill two birds with one stone this holiday.]]> <![CDATA[Sex and dating in midlife; have the rules changed?]]> Dawn Wiggins is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who owns and operates her private practice in East Boca Raton. She earned both her Masters and Specialist degrees from the University of Florida and has worked in the field for over 12 years. For questions, comments or appointments, contact Dawn at 561-221-5575 or mailto:dawn@.]]> <![CDATA[Sexual Fluidity - There are no boxes]]> It’s truth or dare time! Have you ever, in all of your life, even for a fleeting moment fantasized about someone of the same sex? For many people the answer is yes. Others have a harder time answering that question honestly because we are afraid of what it means.]]> <![CDATA[Who are you sleeping with?]]> Would you rather sleep with your television, smartphone, pet, cookie dough ice cream or your partner? Maybe you would choose all of them…which sounds like it could get kinda sticky.]]> <![CDATA[Spice up your imagination]]> When working with clients I often notice that one reason they don’t get their needs met is they are not clear about what their needs are. This concept applies powerfully to sexual desire. Folks who have a rich sexual imagination are able to fantasize about sex and think sexy ideas, tend to have more sex and more quality sex.]]> <![CDATA[Is your sex life mind blowing or mind blahing?]]> In the start of a relationship we rely heavily on physical attraction, sex hormones, dopamine and excessive flirting to create great sex. As a relationship continues, without care, some of these enticing features may fade. Just like an engine or home requires maintenance, so does great sex.]]> <![CDATA[Spice it up]]> <![CDATA[I think I want to spice things up in my marriage but I am kinda shy, how do I approach this with my partner?]]> Some topics are easier to approach than others, when it comes time to ask for what we need. When it comes to revealing your sexual desires, it’s easy to become as anxious as a virgin bride on her wedding night.]]>