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Wednesday, November 6,2013

Preventive Maintenance

By Teresa Aquila  
Caring for our automobiles and have a flat tire and it always seems to making sure to keep up on its be in the middle of nowhere. At that regular maintenance seems to be point, you are stuck paying whatever on the minds of many, but what about the price is for the tire and maybe even your trailers and RV’s? They seem to having to wait for one to arrive. Not sometimes be the most neglected, exactly a fun time. Then there are the using them only a few times a year wheel bearings and electric brakes. and expecting a great trip no matter These seem to take the most heat. the destination. And incidentally, When your brakes heat up, and if they most of these tend to be carrying a are out of adjustment, this could cause heavy load. you to keep the brakes applied longerheating the axle and transferring the Like your automobile, trailers and RV´s should also be placed on a routine schedule for maintenance. If you seen someone on the side of the road heat to the bearings. Have you ever use these in the summer months, then with their wheel off and not because preparing for those trips early can of a flat? Well, bearing neglect is the give you a great time in the outdoors cause. Repacking the bearings and without any worries. One of the biggest neglected items are the tires. They should be the first thought when plan- having the brakes checked or adjusted sit for months, in the hot and the cold ning your next big adventure. Just without protection, weathering with make sure it is not an adventure you the elements. So what should we do want to forget. Have your electrical when caring for these types? checked to insure all lights are working properly when hooked to the Like your car, they do need a routine check up. So let us start with the vehicle and the electric brake control tires. Make sure to keep them properly activates the trailer brakes. You would inflated and always check for weather hate to realize that your trailer brakes cracks. Tires on trailers and RV´s tend are not working at the time you need to last about two years when they them the most. begin to show signs of weather cracking. I have had many friends excited or hassles later. Plan early and enjoy So a little care now will save lives to hit the road on vacation, only to the drive.



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