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Natural Ways to Lower Blood Sugar

By Ashley Dixon

There are some Type 2 Diabetic patients that can be managed with non-drug therapy. Dietary counseling and close monitoring of the blood sugar levels allow some diabetics to live a good quality of life.


The Good Dinosaur

By Liz Sterling

In the last week of November, six days after the release of the newest Hunger Games movie, and nearly a month before Star Wars: The Force Awakens arrives in cinemas, The Good Dinosaur, the latest film from digital animation studio Pixar, will be released.

Sports Feature

SPORTS >>Why we care

By Mark Tudino

While in the midst of the craziness – otherwise known as the football season - it dawns on me this time of the year is our “social season”, that is a chance to visit with others who we may not see for months at a time.

On the Bright Side

Pass On Some Stuffing This Year

By Jonna Shutowick. M.S. Ed.

It’s here. The Season. From too much food to too much fun, the “all in” mentality that typically accompanies the holidays is reinforced by that little voice in the back of our heads deluding us into believing that, come January first, we have a new lease on life.

From The Heart

Soul at the Helm of Destiny

When actress Meryl Streep was about to graduate from college, she planned to become a lawyer. She applied to law school and set up an appointment with an admissions officer. On the morning of her interview, she overslept and missed her appointment. At that point she decided she would rather pursue an acting career instead.

Feature Articles

The Best Time in My Life

By Staff Writer

In February 2015, I made a bold decision to move to the Amazon Jungle. I needed a sabbatical, time away to re-evaluate my life. I was intuitively guided to venture alone to Peru. When the lease was up

Projects to Improve your Home

Improve or Sell as “Fixer-Upper”

By Roger Zona

Determine what needs updating and set a budget. How much can I spend that will be recovered from a sale. For example: a kitchen remodeling can cost $20,000.

Dog World with Tina

Sugar & Spice

By Tina Valant-Siebelts

Neither the rescue group or foster could capture their cuteness. A photo is the calling card of adoptables in need. We form connections and assumptions in the first seven seconds of seeing someone - two and four legged. I‘ve been updating my LinkedIn and have been horrified of the lack of professional portraits… so, of course I said I would help.

Recipe of the Month

Easy Mini Apple Pies

with Vanilla Whipped Cream

By Family Feature

As the holidays draw near, we all look forward to delicious food and creating memories with family and friends. It’s also a time to give back to those in need.

Recipe of the Month

Roasted Pumpkin Soup Recipe (Vegan)

By Staff Writer

For the pumpkin lovers out there, this soup is for you! It’s got simple flavors and the pumpkin really shines through. It’s healthy, totally vegan, and perfect for this fall weather. Of co

Recipe of the Month


with potatoes and eggs in garlic sauce

By Chef Maria Amado

This combination of broccoli with potatoes and eggs in garlic sauce is prepared in our family since the time of my grandmother. It is a delicious vegetarian recipe and is good too as a side to meat or chicken. You can prepare the garlic sauce in advance.

Ask the Pet Expert

Why Is Chocolate Bad for Dogs?

By Pet Expert

Dogs and chocolate are a dangerous and poisonous combination. Unfortunately, in most cases the chocolate wins. It’s a lot like alcohol and people. It all tastes so good, but the side effects are not positive. The idea that chocolate is bad for a dog is not a myth parents tell their kids to keep them from feeding the dog food from the table.

Second Thoughts

Real Loyalty

By Mort Crim

Loyalty is rare these days. The kind of go days. The kind of gothrough-the-fire loyalty that defies reason or logic. Loyalty that says, “I’ll stick with you simply because you’re my friend. Because I made a commitment. Because even if I believe you’re wrong, I believe loy altyis right.”

Restaurant Reviews

Muscle Maker Grill

By Arnold Leir

With the ever growing awareness that quality food is the key to good health, Muscle Maker Grill in Deerfield Beach stands out as a beacon for everyone seeking inexpensive wholesome and flavorful cuisine. Both the grass-fed beef as well as the chicken are all natural, and the menu is packed with gluten-free specialties.


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