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Try Something New for A Happy, Healthy You!

Interview with Annette Larkins - A Vegan-Inspired Sensation

By Liz Sterling

To feel the energy and enthusiasm of Annette Larkins is to know you are with a powerful force, a human being who believes in the importance of setting goals and being determined. We spoke on the phone from her Miami home and she told me we’d get along because we both like spreading positive messages and creating healthy atmospheres.

Healthy Living

Quick & Easy Plant-Based Food Prep

By Karen Ellis-Ritter

One of the common complaints I hear from people is that there isn’t enough time to prepare home cooked meals. One of the best ways to save time is using a food processor or chopper. In addition, here are some strategies to keep within your busy time constraints - and what you do to keep your produce fresh in the process!

Sports Feature

Can You Go Home Again?

By Mark Tudino

So, as Heat fans welcome Dwayne back to “Wade” County, they best temper their expectations and hope for the best. Or, maybe a certain King would consider returning to the land of palm trees for one more run?

Feature Articles

My Irish Grandfather, Animal Rescuer & Freedom Fighter

By Susan Hargreaves

“I’ve seen the rabbits dance on midsummer’s eve in the hills of Ireland” Grandfather Tyrrell would say in his soft sing song Galway accent. His stories of the “greenest country side you have ever seen” and rabbits dancing captivated his 4 year old granddaughter.

Life 101

A Judgment - FREE ZONE

By Cary Bayer

The person I quoted about judgment at the beginning of this column also said that Heaven is available to you if you learn to be like a child. Well, you once were a child, you have an inner child always inside of you, so if you can awaken that child’s innocent eyes you might just re-learn or simply awaken your natural ability to live your life without judging it at the same time.

Dog World with Tina

You’re Not Helping

By Tina Valant-Siebelts

About twenty years ago, technology and social media ignited the world of rescue. Suddenly, shelters/rescues and individuals leashed the immediacy of email and social platforms. Years later, our phones morphed into cameras, enabling us to capture pictures and live video.

Fitness by Larisa


Possible causes and management

By Larisa Klein

Anxiety is fully recognized as a health hazard today. While causes cannot be directly linked to any one thing in particular, stress, biology, and hormones are strong factors in the development of conditions like anxiety, general anxiety disorder (GAD), and panic disorder.

On the Bright Side

Hanging with my Ohmies

By Jonna Shutowick. M.S. Ed.

I become hopeful when I see five yoga studios within a five-mile radius, farmer’s markets weekly and classes at the local library on meditation becoming more and more common. It reminds me that pendulums swing and balance is eventually restored.

Family Feature

The Connection Between Joy and Travel

By Family Feature

To explore the connection between happiness and travel, and what makes a destination joyous, Bank of America, Condé Nast Traveler and happiness expert Shawn Achor created “The Joy Index.

Recipe of the Month


By Olga Keller

Chef Olga Keller is committed to bringing great tasting living foods, plant-based nutrition to the masses. Learn.

Restaurant Reviews

Galini Greek Restaurant

Stylish, Refined with Peerless Cuisine

By Arnold Leir

Open only a month, Galini Greek Restaurant in Boca Raton is setting a standard for new venues. This jewel of a restaurant has been designed with a tribute to the glories of ancient and modern Greece. A portion of a dynamic mural depicts the remains of an ancient Greek temple.

Earth Talk Q & A

Dear Earth Talk:

I always assumed the train was the greenest form of mass transit, but a friend told me I would be better off taking the bus. Could this be true?

By Earth Talk

“The reason ... is that they are usually full of people, giving [buses] the highest miles per gallon per passenger, at 208,” reports CNN’s Steve Hargreaves based on his research digging into Department of Energy data. He adds that trains are the next best choice for the eco-conscious traveler, whether commuting or doing a longer haul.

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