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When Dreams Take Flight – Featuring Joby Ogwyn

By Liz Sterling

Have you ever had a dream about something you wanted to accomplish? Or been driven by a passion to achieve a goal? For anyone one of us who has known this, I’d venture to say it is a very powerful force. There is something about being human that propels us to achieve new feats and great heights.

Feature Articles

There are moments in life that cause us to hesitate.

Selling your home shouldn’t be one of them.

By Brigitte Lang

If you’re thinking about selling your home, don’t hesitate. The combination of low interest rates for home buyers and a shortage of homes for sale in many areas of the country indicate tha

Feature Articles

New Construction in this part of Southeast Florida

By Brigitte Lang

There are 468 new communities offering homes in this part of Southeast Florida ranging in price from the high $200's to Millions. Let Happy Herald Realty show you the variety of new homes “That


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Discovery Zone

Trusting your Insights

By Wayne Dyer

The process of appreciating your genius involves trusting those inner flashes of creative insight that are worthy of expression. The song you're composing in your head. The weird storyline that you k

Family Feature


By Family Feature

From the brimming basket itself to the goodies within, Easter has become a true gift-giving occasion. With sugar-coated marshmallow chicks and giant chocolate bunnies, there are endless ways to give your little ones gifts that fit this beloved holiday’s traditionally sweet offerings.

Dr. Happy Formula

I miss him but he was wrong.

By Dr. Bob Nozik, MD

I’m a boy, 10-years-old. Joey and I have been best friends since even before we started school. Last month, at lunch in the school cafeteria, I got up to get something and Joey stole my chair and he wouldn’t give it back. I got mad and told him I wouldn’t speak to him unless he apologized. But he won’t and it’s been almost a month. I miss him but he was wrong. Dr. H, what should I do now?

Family Feature

Change Up Your Routine

Healthy ways to reinvent yourself

By Family Feature

Self-improvement is at the top of many women´s to-do lists, and doing so can take many forms. According to a recent survey by Post Great Grains Cereal, 73 percent of women said they´d reinvented themselves since they turned 40 by improving their health, finding a new passion or changing their career.

Earth Talk Q & A

Wind Power’s Bright Future

By Earth Talk

Hydroelectric sources of power dwarf other forms of renewable energy, but wind power has been a dominant second for years, and continues to show “hockey stick” growth moving forward.

From The Heart

Masters in our Midst

As commuters hustled through the Washington, D.C. metro station on a cold winter morning, a musician stood next to a wall playing his violin, the case at his feet open for tips. He played six Bach pieces for 43 minutes. A few people stopped and listened for a moment, then hurried on their way.

Sports Feature

Animals in Sports – The Quiet Heroes

By Mark Tudino

A few years back ESPN devoted a good chunk of its airtime and money to naming the 100 greatest athletes of the 20th Century. Among the renowned were the familiar – Ali, Jordan, Ruth, Thorpe and Didrikson but controversy arose when the 35th selection was named – Secretariat.

Healthy Fitness Tips

Which Type of Workout Is Right For Me?

By Dana Gore

So if you’ve ever wondered if yoga, spinning, pilates, martial arts or zumba would be right for you – then taking a beginner’s class would be the best way to find out. The idea is to experiment and discover what works best for YOU – and the best way to do this is to be honest with yourself about your likes/ dislikes, budget, schedule and personality.

Pet World
Dog World with Tina

Star Quality Does your dog have it?

By Tina Valant-Siebelts

Must as there are pageant moms (Toddlers & Tiaras), thirsty for fame and fortune, there are over the top pet parents! Countless dollars and hours are invested, developing a theme and presentation, perfecting their dog’s costume, coordinating human attire and transportation (strollers, wagons, etc).

Ask the Pet Expert

Pet Pancreatitis: More common than you think

By Pet Expert

According to most holistic vets, high-fat and overly-processed foods are common culprits, so switching to a higher quality food is crucial. Some recommend that the dog should fast (refrain from feeding) for 24-48 hours in order for the organs to “recalibrate” or adjust themselves naturally.

Restaurant Reviews

BocaRaton BurgerHouse

Restaurant Review

By Arnold Leir

Just as you cannot judge a book by its title, you cannot make assumptions about a restaurant by its name. The cuisine at Alex and Chef William Fernandes’ Boca Raton Burger House has a depth and richness that exceeded all our expectations.

Recipe of the Month

Baked Fish Nuggets

By Chef Maria Amado

Dear readers,  For all those who have asked me quick and easy recipes, I’m bringing my baked fish nuggets. Without frying, but just as delicious and healthy. Perfect for a picnic or school.

Recipe of the Month

Lamb Shanks

By Chef Maria Amado

Dear readers, This month lamb shanks are the protagonist on the table. With fresh rosemary, mint, some vegetables and a good wine they become a wonderful delight. Enjoy it!

Recipe of the Month


By Chef Maria Amado

Dear readers, This month I bring you the recipe of the delicious and elegant mini French cakes, Madeleines. Serve them with a cappuccino or give them like a present for Valentine’s. Enjoy! Happy Valentine’s Day

Recipe of the Month

Chicken Pot Pie

By Chef Maria Amado

Dear readers, I bring you my home recipe for chicken pot pie for these cozy and warm days. It’s a nice way to use the leftovers from the holidays. Bringing you all the best in this New Year!