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Feature Articles

Bob Sima

By Staff Writer

What Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson and Jack Canfield are to books, Bob Sima is to music. Indeed he has even been called “Eckhart Tolle with a guitar.” The Transformational Troubadour is a teacher, a guide, and a mystic, but through the medium of melody.


Living a Carte Blanche Year in 2015

By Liz Sterling

As an impressionable child in the mid 1960’s, life was fraught with a kaleidoscope of sounds, images and ideology. Curiosity coupled with enthusiasm ignited my desire to ask a lot of questions and look at life as a giant crossword puzzle.

Sankalpa – the Yogic Alternative to New Year’s Resolutions

By Kim Hough

Hang on to your party hats! This is the time of year we enter the whirlwind of many marketing campaigns for “New Year – New You!” Most of us make New Year resolutions focusing on sel

Pet World
Ask the Pet Expert

How To Stop Or Minimize Excessive Shedding

By Pet Expert

One of the greatest annoyances as a pet owner is dealing with unwanted hair in your home. Nearly every dog or cat no matter what their age sheds. Some breeds shed more than others, but all pets will do it. While we cannot stop a dog or cat from shedding the same way we can keep a dog from flaring up our allergies, there are many things you can do as a pet owner to manage and reduce the amount your pet sheds, so that it is no longer a problem in your home.

Dog World with Tina

Canine Beauty Pageant

By Tina Valant-Siebelts

This past December, I covered the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship (AENC). I’ve watched dogs shows on TV, and marveled at the pageantry of the handlers, judges and stars of the show: the dogs. This is not my typical world. I am in rescue.

Sports Feature

As 2014 Closes The Show, Lots For South Florida To Remember

By Mark Tudino

Traditionally, sportswriters/ commentators like to use the end of the year as a chance to sum up the sports year – and to look ahead to the coming battles/stories which might grace our sports consciousness next year. I generally shy away from so-called “list’ columns, as they don’t offer much depth and often don’t give the reader much perspective.

Projects to Improve your Home

Clean Grout

By Roger Zona

Lets start with a vinegar solution. Grout is a porous material that enables dirt and liquids to settle their way into pin holes, which in turn causes impossible stains that are difficult to remove. Plain white vinegar can be used to clean and disinfect.

Happy Motoring

Why Should I Change My Engine Oil

By Theresa Aquila

Changing a vehicle´s engine oil helps to regulate engine operating temperatures by replacing old, worn-out engine oil that cannot effectively absorb engine heat, with new, high-quality engine oil that effectively absorbs engine heat and helps to regulate engine operating temperatures.

On the Bright Side

Every day is NEW

By Jonna Shutowick. M.S. Ed.

So much pressure. Thankfully, wisdom is finally kicking in. I’m approaching this new year in a new way. Finally, I realized that striving to implement all of the changes is too lofty, and perhaps even unnecessary, goal. Especially in light of how they’re usually put off for the last month of the previous year in anticipation for this day.

Second Thoughts

The Gift of Determination

By Mort Crim

National radio broadcaster and author of seven books, including Second Thoughts, shares his essays, which are like the voice of an old friend - kind, encouraging and filled with gentle wisdom. To learn more about Mort Crim and hear a daily “Second Thought,” visit www.


Super Duper Easy Ways to correct your posture

By Ashley Dixon

Posture is difficult to correct instantly. Why? While your posture does involve your bones, your muscles play a major role in the way your bones are situated in your body. These muscles that create your posture are involuntary. You can’t make them contract consciously.

Teaching from the Heart

Keeping Your New Year’s Evolutions

Many of us make New Year’s resolutions which, according to many surveys, don’t last very long. Many are gone by the end of January, and most are gone by July. Most resolutions have to do with losing weight, saving money, and taking self-improvement courses.

Life 101

Eclipses of Sunlight, Eclipses of Moonlight, & Eclipses of Your Light

By Cary Bayer

Cary Bayer is a Life Coach and the founder of Higher Self Healing Meditation. He conducts private practices and teaches meditation classes by the ocean in South Florida (954-788-3380) and in the mountains in Woodstock, New York (845-679-5526). You can find him at www.

Discovery Zone

Gratitude Inspires Others

By Wayne Dyer

Gratitude and humility, on the other hand, send signals to all who meet and greet us that we’re all connected to something larger than life itself. This reminds me of the wisdom I discovered many years ago reading the Kena Upanishad: “At whose bequest does the mind think? Who bids the body live? Who makes the tongue speak?


SEO Seminar

Restaurant Reviews

Cucina Fra Diavolo

By Arnold Leir

Even if you have never been to Delray Beach, you will undoubted find everything extremely appealing about Cucina Fra Diavolo. The upscale ambiance with its touches of blue, beige and brown, elegant contemporary prints and glittering ceramic tables provide a stirring setting for refined Italian cuisine crafted by Chef/Proprietor Gabriel Geller.

Recipe of the Month

Easy Mini Apple Pies

with Vanilla Whipped Cream

By Family Feature

As the holidays draw near, we all look forward to delicious food and creating memories with family and friends. It’s also a time to give back to those in need.

Recipe of the Month

Roasted Pumpkin Soup Recipe (Vegan)

By Staff Writer

For the pumpkin lovers out there, this soup is for you! It’s got simple flavors and the pumpkin really shines through. It’s healthy, totally vegan, and perfect for this fall weather. Of co

Recipe of the Month


with potatoes and eggs in garlic sauce

By Chef Maria Amado

This combination of broccoli with potatoes and eggs in garlic sauce is prepared in our family since the time of my grandmother. It is a delicious vegetarian recipe and is good too as a side to meat or chicken. You can prepare the garlic sauce in advance.

Recipe of the Month

Baked Fish Nuggets

By Chef Maria Amado

Dear readers,  For all those who have asked me quick and easy recipes, I’m bringing my baked fish nuggets. Without frying, but just as delicious and healthy. Perfect for a picnic or school.

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