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Facing The Future: Pandas, People and the Planet Need YOU!

By Liz Sterling

We are at another crossroad, where choices must be made and our actions must be potent. Sometimes we don’t see the whole picture and can lose sight of the goal. Becoming disheartened will lead to apathy, so know your voice matters, your votes count, your tweets influence and your Facebook page can inform, educate and uplift others.

Fitness by Larisa

Ayurveda Yoga’s Sister Science

By Larisa Klein

Ayurveda means “science of life” or “the knowledge of life.” This system has been used for 3-5,000 years to maintain health. It includes following a healthy, individualized diet, meditation, massage and Yoga.

Sports Feature

State College Football Preview Brings A Surprise At The Top

By Mark Tudino

For as long as we’ve been meeting in this space, at this time of the year, the college football preview has generally included the state’s Big Three universities. And with good reason: Between UF, FSU and UM they’ve accumulated eight national titles, numerous conference championships and a ton of guys who now play for your favorite NFL teams on Sunday (that preview appears next month) – so it’s natural to focus on their chances. No more. Many national publications now include the Knights of Central Florida.

Earth Talk Q & A

Hearth Talk

How did the Global Climate Action Summit, coming up later this year in San Francisco, come about and what do organizers hope to accomplish?

By Earth Talk

The purpose of the forthcoming 2018 Global Climate Action Summit – scheduled to take place September 12-14, 2018 in San Francisco, California – is to showcase the actions that state and local leaders, businesses, investors, scientists, students, nonprofits and other so-called “sub-national actors” have taken to reduce their emissions already.

Feature Articles

Number One Back to Sxhool Golden Rule

By Susan Hargreaves

School is in session again. I am looking forward to meeting new students at Animal Hero Kids interactive school assemblies to foster empathy and critical thinking in the South Florida area.

Healthy Living

Beyond the “Humane” Labels

By Karen Ellis-Ritter

We are living in a viral information age. Unfortunately, that flood of information arrives in an array of truths, half-truths, sensationalist spins, marketing propaganda, as well as flat out falsehoods. It’s often hard to parse through this data wall and reach an educated and informed decision on any given issue. We must use a blend of our critical thinking, investigative research, as well as a healthy dose of our heart, compassion and conscience to reach the clearest conclusions.

Happy Motoring

Kiely Ricardo is a name to remember

By Teresa Aquila

Every day at the track, she drooled at the chance to be in the race, but never found the opportunity to do so. She hoped to be behind the wheel as a driver, not on the sidelines watching the cars go by. Ricardo was always being pushed to become a horseback rider because all her cousins were involved with horses.

Family Feature

Five Back-to-School Shopping Tips to Buy More Time

By Family Feature

It's that time of year again. Parents are preparing for the rush of back-to-school with a seemingly never-ending To Do list. As you run around to purchase school supplies, uniforms and sneakers, it can be a busy and expensive time of year.

Dog World with Tina

Reason, Season, Lifetime

By Tina Valant-Siebelts

Neighbors were moving and the furry senior member of their family was not welcome. “We’re taking her to the pound, unless you know someone.” The words still sting your ears, but you love the dog and accept (gritting your teeth) how some people so easily detach themselves.

Restaurant Reviews

Pepperoni Grill

Over Two Decades of Awesome Italian Cuisine

By Arnold Leir

The spacious dining room is light, airy and filled with works of art that are as soothing as they are charming, Large comfortable booths, polished wooden tables and other furniture provide a muted elegance as do the marble accents of the open kitchen situated near the entrance.

Recipe of the Month

Marinated Carrots Slaw

By Olga Keller

Marinated carrots slaw is a healthy make - ahead recipe and can be used with your favorite salad.

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