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Seeing Both Sides As A Blessing!

By Liz Sterling

There is something else I’ve been observing, and maybe you’ve noticed the same thing: I take for granted the continuous warmth the sun provides, the ease of running outdoors without layering up, and strolling through the farmers market all winter long.

Healthy Living

Spices of Life

By Karen Ellis-Ritter

What are the two main components of food that create a heightened sensory and culinary experience? Texture and flavor! Of course, many foods have a fabulous flavor without a stitch of seasoning (mainly raw fruits and veggies). However, exposing oneself to the abundant variety of spices that translate to ethnic modalities such as Indian, Ethiopian, Mexican, Thai, Korean, Italian, Vietnamese, or any other international cuisine is truly a joy!

Earth Talk Q & A

Dear Earth Talk:

What can I do to help bees come back from massive die-offs in recent years?

By Earth Talk

Major declines in populations of bees in North America and beyond are a big problem for farmers who depend on this free natural pollinator to help fertilize their crops, which end up as food on our tables. According to the nonprofit Natural Resources Defense Council, $15 billion a year in U.

Sports Feature

Searching For Eddets Field

By Mark Tudino

Sometimes, while thinking of stories to entertain the masses, you’ll stumble across an idea in the strangest of ways. So it was with this column. You see, as a person of a certain demographic group (it still creeps me out to have to check certain age boxes) I have not yet acceded to the idea of growing old. It’s as if I believe that if I can ignore the issue long enough, the reality of it will pass.

Feature Articles

A Hero We Can All Be Grateful For!

By Susan Hargreaves

Shero’s long red hair streams down her back, and is often tied with strands of Spanish moss ivy. When she was a child, before a fairy granted her special powers to help animals, Shero was teased for having red hair.

Family Feature

Fight the Beg

Proper feeding habits can help with pet obesity

By Family Feature

“When sad eyes plead for one more treat or constant meowing reminds you the treats are in easy reach, it’s common for pet owners to give in to the temptation and play into that begging behavior,” said Dr. Eric Mueller, veterinarian and Royal Canin spokesperson.

Happy Motoring

Put On The Brakes

By Teresa Aquila

It is time to replace your car’s brake pads. You hear your brakes making a noise, or braking appears soft and doesn’t seem to grab like it used to, so you seek out an auto shop to perform the repairs. Before dropping off your car and agreeing to the repairs, put on the brakes and do your homework.

Dog World with Tina


By Tina Valant-Siebelts

(Stanley Coren from Psychology Today compared dogs’ intelligence with actual data on how smart dogs tend to be; it is equivalent to that of a three- to five-year-old child.) Life is good. You have a home, family, food, water and some toys. The loving kindness shared with your family and regular routine give you great confidence. Every day, you think, “I’m so lucky!”

Restaurant Reviews

Emil’s European Sausage Kitchen

Incomparable Sausages, Cold Cuts and More

By Arnold Leir

More than a century ago someone (not Bismarck) made a comparison between laws and sausages, a rather unkind link (no pun intended) because sausages are utterly delicious, especially those from Emil’s European Sausage Kitchen. I have never heard anyone call laws “delicious.

Recipe of the Month

Savory “Chicken-LESS” Pot Pie

By Peta

Chances are, if you’re hosting a holiday feast this year, you’ll have at least one friend or family member who will be a little flustered by the feathered fowl at the center of the table. For either ethical or health reasons, many people are making the switch to a vegetarian or vegan diet.

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