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Healthy Living

10 Amazing Vegan Protein Sources To Help

You Lose Weight And Build Muscle

By By Tom Nash / PBN Contributor

The fitness industry loves to bang on about protein. Guys in the gym will be chugging on their whey protein shakes: “Bruh this shake has 50 grams of protein and it’s going to make me mahoosive, yeah bruh totes about the gainz!” Personal trainers...


Golden Child with Golden Voice Gets the Golden Buzzer

By Liz Sterling

Angelica Hale is a rare talent and a survivor of an illness that almost claimed her life. The adorable 10-year-old girl, who’s gained national attention on America’s Got Talent, is aweinspiring. I’ve been watching recaps of her auditions and performances online for days.

Fitness by Larisa

Pilates and the happy, neutral spine.

By Larisa Klein

What’s the big deal about having a straight spine? The easiest and most superficial answer is: it just looks better.

Feature Articles

Florida Teens Take Kind Actions for Suffering Ray

(and Get Arrested for their Compassion)

By Susan Hargreaves

Yet in Daytona Beach on the first day of the local high schools’ summer holiday, teens showed consistent compassion as they pulled out all of the stops in their attempt to save the life of a 50-60 year old ray.

Family Feature

3 Tips for Pet Parents and Their Pooches to Eat Clean

By Family Feature

In a survey of dog owners, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Mars Petcare, 9 out of 10 respondents said they try to incorporate clean foods into their diets at least some of the time, and 75 percent said their own eating habits have caused them to reflect on the quality of food they feed their dogs.

Sports Feature

Pigskin Prognostications: Part One

By Mark Tudino

And with sincerest apologies to the fans of UCF, USF, FIU and FAU the focus here will be on the state’s big 3. While other schools will have their moments of interest and glory (in FAU’s case, lots of drama with new coach Lane Kiffen; at USF perhaps an undefeated season?), no other state can boast three consistent top 20 teams, not even Texas or California.

Dog World with Tina

Canine Film Festival

By Tina Valant-Siebelts

Unique relationships, lives, humor and experiences were documented in 103 entries (short films) from around the world. The top 25 featured films were screened at the festival. Audience reactions were noted-dogs barked, people cheered and clapped. Popcorn was gladly shared.

Earth Talk Q & A

Dear Earth Talk

Is the federal government’s decision to take Yellowstone’s grizzlies off of the endangered species list good news or bad news

By Earth Talk

It depends who you ask. The majority of environmental and wildlife advocates would prefer to keep endangered species protections in place for Yellowstone’s grizzlies, which they consider to be still at risk. Meanwhile, many ranchers, hunters and libertarians applaud the Trump administration’s decision to take the fearsome predator off the list.

From The Heart

Resign as Your Own Teacher

While traveling in Europe to attend an André Rieu concert, my laptop wouldn’t boot. If you ever had this happen, you know it can be, well, disconcerting. I Googled computer repair technicians in the small Holland city where I was staying, and found two technicians with good reviews.

Restaurant Reviews

Papa's Tapas

For Dazzling and Sublime Spanish Cuisine

By Arnold Leir

If at the moment you can’t afford to make that dream trip to Spain, here’s a consoling thought: go to Papa’s Tapas in Delray where you will discover the equivalent of some of the finest food you would find on the Iberian Peninsula. The patriarch of this family operated establishment, Cristobal Parra, was born and raised in Spain.

Life 101

Are You a Big Self or a Small Self?

By Cary Bayer

Combining meditation with empowerment programs and life coaching creates a life truly worth living, one that not only achieves a great deal and develops fulfillment, but one that awakens spiritual enlightenment as well.

On the Bright Side

Seatbelts, Everyone!

By Jonna Shutowick. M.S. Ed.

Time and time again we learn that out of darkness comes light. And in such times there are those filled with hope and those with dread. So in this modern eclipse of enlightenment, what role will you play? Will you be on the side of fear; building a defensive wall around yourself, your kinsmen, your religion, your "team"? Or will you remain brave in the face of fear and strive for openness, compassion, gratitude and generosity, even to those unfamiliar and "foreign"?

Recipe of the Month

Easy Mini Apple Pies

with Vanilla Whipped Cream

By Family Feature

As the holidays draw near, we all look forward to delicious food and creating memories with family and friends. It’s also a time to give back to those in need.

Recipe of the Month

Roasted Pumpkin Soup Recipe (Vegan)

By Staff Writer

For the pumpkin lovers out there, this soup is for you! It’s got simple flavors and the pumpkin really shines through. It’s healthy, totally vegan, and perfect for this fall weather. Of co

Recipe of the Month


with potatoes and eggs in garlic sauce

By Chef Maria Amado

This combination of broccoli with potatoes and eggs in garlic sauce is prepared in our family since the time of my grandmother. It is a delicious vegetarian recipe and is good too as a side to meat or chicken. You can prepare the garlic sauce in advance.


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