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Fitness by Larisa

What is Yoga All About?

By Larisa Klein

“I don’t want to wear tights!” (Fully supportive of your choice!) “I don’t do that chanting, woo-woo weird stuff.” (Ok. This one I get. Not all classes and teachers do that because, yes, it’s way far out of many people’s comfort zones and Yoga is not about pushing.


Sexy Fit Vegan - Ella Magers

Share her Plant Empowered Lifestyle

By Liz Sterling

It’s not a fad, nor a diet … it’s a lifestyle. The vegan way is growing day by day and is more about what we value than what we want. My conversation with Ella Magers was informative, fun and inviting.

Pet Articles

5 Tips for Bringing Your Pet to Work this Summer

By Family Feature

During the summer months, many employers plan events and switch up work schedules to give their team members a break to enjoy some fun in the sun. Extra days off, summer hours and company picnics are just a few of the ways employers create an enjoyable environment for their employees.

Earth Talk Q & A

Dear Earth Talk:

Why on earth would cans and other food storage containers contain toxic BPA that can make us sick? Is there any way to avoid it?

By Earth Talk

If you like the occasional can of tomato soup or diced pears, chances are you’re walking around with trace amounts of Bisphenol A (BPA) in your bloodstream. According to the U.S.

Happy Motoring

Many teens opting out on getting a driver’s license

By Teresa Aquila

Today, teenagers are holding off getting their driver’s license. Going places is no longer the main reason to connect with friends; now they have the internet and cell phones, using means like Snapchat, Facebook or being a gamer which allow you to hang out together without being together.

Sports Feature

Modern Medicine is Big Winner for Injured Athletes

By Mark Tudino

Actually, it’s not uncommon for athletes in all sports to return to competition within weeks of surgery, something unheard of only a few years ago. People of my dad’s generation will tell you long before there was a Barry Sanders or a Reggie Bush, there was the Kansas Comet – Gale Sayers. Electrifying. Breathtaking. Head shaking. The guy was unreal. Don’t believe me?

Feature Articles

National vegan chain Veggie Grill supports Kindness Education

By Susan Hargreaves

When you are part of an all volunteer, grassroots nonprofit, and a major vegan restaurant chain shows they believe in your mission to empower youth and help all species of animals via free education, recognition and activation programs, well, it feels like a really big deal.

Healthy Living

Countering the Stigmas of Animal Adoption

By Karen Ellis-Ritter

Many people are apprehensive about animal adoption. There is a commonly-held belief that rescue dogs might have “too much baggage” or that it is better to adopt a fresh-faced puppy who isn’t set in their ways. That apprehension would skyrocket in some when I would mention that we were looking to adopt a Pit Bull. I know with certainty that stigmatizing a dog based on her breed is unjust; just as it is unjust to place stigmas based on anyone’s appearance.

Dog World with Tina

Never Lose Hope

By Tina Valant-Siebelts

Alongside a road in Salinas, California, a cardboard box held a secret. Inside, frightened and dehydrated were six Chihuahua-mix puppies and their parents. Fortunately, their luck had just changed. A kind lady took them, hoping to find them safe sanctuary.

Restaurant Reviews

True, A Maryland Bistro

An Awesome Crab Feast for All Seasons

By Arnold Leir

Not only does Robin treat us like family, but her remarkable insights make us want to order everything on the menu. Both of us eagerly awaited the food extravaganza that would shortly be arriving at our table. We were immediately attracted to Frank’s Famous Cream of Crab Soup,.

Recipe of the Month

Marinated Carrots Slaw

By Olga Keller

Marinated carrots slaw is a healthy make - ahead recipe and can be used with your favorite salad.

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