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Make Every Day Earth Day

By Liz Sterling

My assignment this month, for this feature article, was Earth Day, and the first feeling I had was sadness. I wasn’t happy, I didn´t feel excited… actually a wave of deep concern rolled through me, so I pushed it away. I closed my heart and my mind until the deadline for submission was looming.

Feature Articles


By Susan Hargreaves

Earth Day is another opportunity to underline the link between our consumer food choices and climate change. Earth Day is always a busy time of year for Animal Hero Kids Kind2All education programs, and this year will be even busier, as we are proud to collaborate with Seed Food and Wine Festival on the Earth Day Art Challenge.

Sports Feature

Boys of Summer Ready to Roll

By Mark Tudino

So, like I said earlier, who’s next? Well, the obvious choice is to look at the team the Cubs beat in that truly Fall Classic. Cleveland’s Indians played as well as a team could without closing the deal. After all, they lead three games to one, with the deciding games in their home park, but failed to win it.

From the Editor

The Willingness to Think Differently

By Brigitte Lang

The most successful people I’ve known have this trait: the willingness to challenge mainstream ideas. This has been the key to everything good in my life too.

Fitness by Larisa

The BEST form of exercise!

By Larisa Klein

Ask ten random people what the best form of exercise is and you will likely get ten different answers. For some, CrossFit is where it’s at; nothing beats it. Others prefer good old weight lifting.

Dog World with Tina

The Tail Never Lies

By Tina Valant-Siebelts

I trust dogs more often than I trust most people. By attuning to a dog’s body language, I have never been led astray or endangered. Dogs have no hidden agenda. Their ability to relish the present moment is something “we who walk upright” should aspire to.

On the Bright Side

Hey, Lucy, I'm Home!

By Jonna Shutowick. M.S. Ed.

school district. She has created a character named Rosey Shades TM , whose philosophy teaches students about the importance of choosing optimism over pessimism by asking, “What color are the clouds in your world? For more information, visit http://roseyshadesonthebrightside.

Pet Articles

Cat's Meow

By NewsUSA

“We understand the strong bond pet owners have with their cats, and one of the best ways to enhance that relationship is to learn more about them,” says Dr. Brent Mayabb, veterinarian and director of corporate affairs for the premium pet food company..

Earth Talk Q & A

Dear Earth Talk:

What’s new in eco-friendly light bulbs? Is it true that incandescent bulbs are back in a much more efficient form?

By Earth Talk

The consumer landscape for light bulbs in the U.S. changed drastically in 2007 when Congress passed the Energy Independence & Security Act mandating, among other things, that household light bulbs in the 40-100 watt range needed to up their energy efficiency standards by at least 25 percent.

Restaurant Reviews

Tony B's Ristorante

By Arnold Leir

The culinary staff has a style of cuisine brimming with intriguing flavors. You can rest assured that one visit won’t do the extensive menu justice, so start with the tantalizing Calamari and Scungilli Positano ($15) starring two outstanding seafood delicacies combined in an winning opener.

Recipe of the Month

Easy Mini Apple Pies

with Vanilla Whipped Cream

By Family Feature

As the holidays draw near, we all look forward to delicious food and creating memories with family and friends. It’s also a time to give back to those in need.

Recipe of the Month

Roasted Pumpkin Soup Recipe (Vegan)

By Staff Writer

For the pumpkin lovers out there, this soup is for you! It’s got simple flavors and the pumpkin really shines through. It’s healthy, totally vegan, and perfect for this fall weather. Of co

Recipe of the Month


with potatoes and eggs in garlic sauce

By Chef Maria Amado

This combination of broccoli with potatoes and eggs in garlic sauce is prepared in our family since the time of my grandmother. It is a delicious vegetarian recipe and is good too as a side to meat or chicken. You can prepare the garlic sauce in advance.


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