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Friday, September 5,2014

The Moment

Another example of how dogs are smarter than people

By Tina Valant-Siebelts  

The moment Another example of how dogs are smarter than people

Technology and social media enable us to educate and advocate for animals, domestic and wild, more than ever.

This has catapulted rescue and resulted in the adoption of millions of pets. These tools are awesome, powerful - and addictive.

Through them, we can experience faraway cultures and customs from real people, like my dogrescue hero, Igor in Moscow and new friend, Kuldeep in Mumbai. We want the same things: to be accepted, to love and be loved, and to make a positive impact. Tomorrow is not guaranteed for any of us. Life is short. Dogs must realize they need to cram in all they can, with an average life span of just seven to ten… fifteen plus years for the really lucky ones. Dogs focus on the present moment, with intent.

They watch, patiently waiting for something to dazzle the senses: safe shelter from the weather, an aroma or an odor, an invitation to play, an endearing facial expression, a loving family, the taste of a savory treat, or the sound of your voice, in a happy tone. From dogs, we can learn that this moment is all that really matters.

A large group of friends recently gathered for an oceanfront dinner. A balmy breeze surrounded us, the teal blue ocean waves gently lapped at the shore. We laughed, reminisced and caught up. Next to our table sat a family of four. Hunched over, each of them glued to their device. Their dinners arrived; they barely noticed the artful presentation, or steamy vegetable medley. Loneliness radiated. I photograph many functions and events. I notice attendees checking email and Facebook. At a weekend workshop, I assumed the person with a laptop was taking notes from the very entertaining speakers, however they were working on a presentation on an unrelated subject. Four young people lounged in a gorgeous tropical setting during a graduation celebration. Instead of engaging one another, they were all hypnotized by their phones. You have to wonder how this generation of young people will fare without real time, live person experience.

Are virtual friends more valuable or important than those right in front of us? When we invest in a function, it is respectful to ourselves and everyone there to be 100% aware - utilizing all our senses. "We create space for amazing opportunities, when we make the commitment to be fully present in our surroundings. We just never know when The One, that we can make all the difference for, or The One that will make all the difference for us will appear," stated Nancy Matthews during a recent workshop. Silence distractions, and then see what happens.

Dogs do not waste time or energy wondering about what they should have done in the past. They do not worry about what they need to do in the future. Dogs forget and forgive abuse, neglect and broken promises. Dogs love, unconditionally. They know all that really matters is THIS MOMENT. Yes, this one. Right now. Put your phone or tablet away, leash your dog, and let them show you how it is done. Go and enjoy this moment with live, three-dimensional beings - especially the genius on the other end of the leash.


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